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  • Posted 25th July 2020
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Our top 5 wedding venues in Italy for design lovers

A wedding in Italy is synonymous with historical venues, castles, noble villas, beautiful views and relaxing scenery, vibrant local culture and genuine food. But what if you want to host your wedding in Italy in a captivating design oriented venue? Well, we have some good news for you and we scouted some venues one-of-a-kind in […]
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  • Posted 6th July 2020
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Is a Micro Wedding a Good Option for Me?

Is a Micro Wedding a Good Option for Me? 4 questions you should ask yourself if considering a micro wedding 1.Do I like the idea to celebrate with a small group of closest guests and then have a bigger celebration at home? If you answer is yes, then start to pack: Micro Wedding is the […]
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  • Posted 19th June 2020
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Were you planning a wedding in Italy in 2020?

Hello brides, As I anticipated in my previous post, I will write here some of the answers I gave during the lives of the past weeks. 1. My wedding is in the fall in Italy. Should we postpone to 2021? It really depends on where you and your guests are coming from. If you are […]
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  • Posted 5th June 2020
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Instagram Lives

As the COVID-19 pandemic forced all the wedding vendors (and not only) to lockdown, social distancing, postponing events, there have been a lot of local “live” activities going on. Instagram live usage increased of 70%  April vs March; a psychologist says “it’s because people are not designed to isolated!” During these months, we all engaged […]
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  • Posted 12th May 2020
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Destination Wedding Educational

Today I’d like to share with you my new project, the one I was thinking of but never had the time and energy to realise. This project has a name and a logo: Destination Wedding Educational! Destination Wedding Educational is the first web live training with International experts such as  Karen Cinnamon, Karen Tran, Michele […]
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  • Posted 1st April 2020
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So far a lot has been said from all around the world, and I’d like to share with you what I’ve done so far for my couples who are getting married in Italy and in most cases are coming from abroad. I hope these tips and guidelines will help also those brides who don’t have […]
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  • Posted 16th March 2020
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Planning a Wedding during Covid-19

Dear couples, Today I’d like to share with you some considerations that I’ve made in these days during my permanence at at home, days where the days seems to be longer and we are forced to fill those hours that just a few weeks ago were never enough to do everything we planned. Covid-19 brings […]
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  • Posted 30th September 2019

How to Get Married in Italy – The Key to a Truly Entertaining Wedding

Considered somewhat “secondary” by many couples planning how to get married in Italy, entertainment can make the difference between a good reception and an outstanding reception. We all agree that ceremony and vow exchange, with which the couple finally become husband and wife, are the most beautiful and important moments of the day: the ultimate […]