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  • Posted 23rd September 2019
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Insights from the Venice wedding planner Alessia Santa

Not All That Glitters Is Gold – Insights from the Venice Wedding Planner Alessia Santa. Why Venice? Venice is not the only city where I work, but it is where I founded White Emotion. Fifteen years on, I am lucky enough to look back at my career with pride – so many successes have been […]
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  • Posted 6th September 2019

Requirements to get married in Italy with a Mixed Catholic Marriage

If there’s something that we really take to heart at White Emotion is that all future brides and grooms sort out without concerns what is often one of the most complex and most important aspects of a wedding: paperwork. More specifically, today’s post will regard requirements to get married in Italy with a mixed catholic […]
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  • Posted 26th August 2019

How to Plan a Wedding in Italy… In an Environmentally Friendly Way

Small Tricks for A Wedding with an Impact, But Not on the Environment! Can a wedding be planned abroad and still be an environmentally friendly celebration? Thinking about how to plan a wedding in Italy with these features has reminded me of how, over the past few years, I could not but notice how easy […]
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  • Posted 20th August 2019
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A Few Ideas to Get Married in Milan

Milan: the Italian metropolis by definition! Traditionally portrayed as a cold and hectic gray city, over the past few years Milan has changed identity to become a cool and welcoming European city – as well as the most international of Italian cities. No wonder it is also becoming a very interesting option for both couples […]
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  • Posted 29th July 2019

Weddings in Italy and Abroad – Pinterest: Why Do We Love It So?

Fast and intuitive, Pinterest owes its popularity to the fact that, to date, it is the completest search-by-image platform, enabling us to find literally anything we may be interested in. However, what many do not know is that it is also a very versatile planning tool, which makes it an incredible asset to plan weddings […]
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  • Posted 22nd July 2019

How to Plan a Wedding in Italy – The Dreaded Seating Plan

Welcome to another part of White Emotion’s miniguide on how to plan a wedding in Italy. After tips on choosing the right accessories and on the factors to consider before making a decision regarding the bridal veil, we would now like to focus on an issue that may pop up relatively later on in the […]
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  • Posted 16th July 2019
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Weddings Abroad Italy, How Much Do You Know About Veils?

What is the connection between a bridal veil and a wedding abroad in Italy? The importance of planning your wedding attire becomes all the more evident and fundamental in case of a wedding abroad! If you are planning your wedding abroad in Italy, chances are you might end up in an art city, charming countryside […]
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  • Posted 8th July 2019

How to plan a wedding in Italy… With the Right Bridal Accessories!

At White Emotion, we believe there is only one answer to how to plan a wedding in Italy: with style! Planning means defining priorities, and bridal accessories come into play soon after location and décor. How could they not? After all, if love is all you need, details are what will make your day memorable… […]
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  • Posted 28th June 2019

How to get married in Italy: Civil Ceremonies

Recently, we provided a definition of “matrimonio concordatario” and explained its requirements in an article published on White Emotion’s Blog. We would now like to provide a clear and simple description of how to get married with a civil ceremony in Italy, including the paperwork, timing and requirements involved.     How to get married in […]
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Wedding on the Island of Capri

Great news for all couples dreaming to exchange vows of eternal love a place of rare beauty as is the Island of Capri in the Gulf of Naples. I am often asked about perfect locations for a warm and sunny wedding in Capri and its surroundings. Recently, I was looking exactly for an option I […]