Why does a Wedding Planner charges her fee?

Why does a Wedding Planner charges her fee?

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  • On 22nd June 2017
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I had couples, especially in the past, who asked me this question and it is a question I asked myself before running this business.

How much do I charge for my services?

From my point of view, whether or not to hire a wedding planner is really a decision about how many decisions you feel like deciding, how much time you have to dedicate to the planning of your wedding and how confident are you in planning a destination wedding.

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For some brides, the ability to leave the stress of the nitty-gritty details to a professional is worth setting aside a % of their wedding budget—usually a 10-15% wedding budget.

One common mistake that I’d like to clarify is: don’t expect that hiring a wedding planner will pay for itself via discounts and bargains that the wedding planner will be able to snag. The value of a paid planner is that he or she has enough relationships in the industry to make sure you’re matched with the best vendors in your price range. Is not a matter of “saving money” but spend it well!

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By my side, I can say that on the wedding day, your wedding planner generally is the most involved professional you can hire to help you to plan your wedding. In fact, if required, we will plan it all for you.

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One of my bride once said to me: hiring you is like hiring a new best friend to figure out and discuss every detail of your wedding — how amazing does that sound?
Are we still arguing about our fee?


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