Wedding Planner’s Tips: Black and Gold Details

Wedding Planner’s Tips: Black and Gold Details

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  • On 28th July 2017
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Today i’ll like to share some wedding planner‘s tips for you.

Wedding Planner in Venice

When Katrina and Christian contacted me to plan their wedding in Venice, they wanted it to represent their styles.
It involved a bit of risk taking when we decided to go for details in black and gold… and it worked!
Nothing is more “glam” better than 2 paired details back and gold: for a wedding it’s a luxury combination you must follow if you want to break some rules.
Contrast of dark details are difficult to match, but gold elements, maybe glittering, may blend it right, with a touch of luxury and romance.

Wedding Planner Color Choice

You don’t have to be a wedding planner to know that black and gold is a perfect combination if you want to communicate elegance: think about architects and hotels: how often do they use this combination? Black draperies and golden accents or hardware?
At a wedding black and gold is not common at all.
How to include “black” into a wedding, where the king color is white all over, without turing the wedding into something too weird-looking or gloomy?
Personally, I chose the solution to use black in very small amount and details: it is such a strong color for a wedding, that a few touches make the combination very nicely balanced.

Check out this stunning wedding in Venice captured by Women in Wedding photography and published on Elle Spose as Neoclassical Romance and get inspired!
Happy sharing!

Wedding Planner Details

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