Anna & Pietro, a marriage in La Cervara

Anna & Pietro, a marriage in La Cervara

How Pouring Rain Didn’t Spoil This First-of-its-kind Day in One of the Finest Wedding Venues in Italy.

La Cervara is among the most prestigious Italian wedding venues, so I was deeply honored to help Anna and Pietro with their wedding, the first, legally valid “I do” ever celebrated in the abbey in June 2016.

At 5.15 pm, after a downpour that only stopped a few minutes before the ceremony, the reception for the first civil “I do” in La Cervara was celebrated on a splendid belvedere terrace overlooking Portofino.

A lush, romantic arch of roses, orchids and amaranthuses curved gently to frame the event as the immaculate-white chairs and carpet were set outside immediately after the rain had ceased, completing one of the dreamiest wedding settings on Italy’s west coast.

The 14th century Roman cathedral was booked several months in advance, even though the commune issued the authorization for the official civil ceremony only a couple of days before the event! The charming abbey then opened its seven-centuries-old doors to civil marriage for the first time in history, enveloping the dreams of future brides and grooms in the allure of the Mediterranean thickets surrounding this oh-so-whimsical location to get married in Italy.

Not far from the venue, Anna and her bridesmaids got ready in a bright, ample suite on the last floor of the Hotel Imperiale, while guests relaxed in the various hotels in Santa Margherita.

The short break conceded by rain, which only stopped hammering at the beginning of the ceremony, was gracefully handled by swiftly moving aperitif and dinner setups from outdoors to inside the majestic halls of La Cervara.

The wedding theme was one of great importance in Anna and Pietro’s life: getting married was the finishing line of a race – a sports car race, to be more specific!
The groom manages a vintage car company with close ties to the historical endurance race “Le Mille Miglia” and Anna loves racing; the two actually met for the first time during one of her competitions, which set them ready to go for their love race to marriage.

The golden squares of their logo, symbolizing the checkered flag waved at the finishing line in competitions, shone on invitations, menus and flower baskets, welcoming guests to the couple’s triumph.

Anna and Pietro were the first to get married in one of the finest and most fascinating wedding venues in Italy, but many more will follow: our best wishes to all of them. May this enchanted place bring you love, happiness, prosperity and good fortune!

And may these pics of Anna and Pietro’s marvelous wedding be of some inspiration!

Location: La Cervara di Portofino
Flowers: Scenografie Floreali

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