Carlo & Christian, a Same Sex Wedding

Carlo & Christian, a Same Sex Wedding

A wedding and event planner once said: “A same sex wedding is a wedding. Just a wedding. The couple is not getting ‘gay’ married. They are getting married. They’re not having a ‘same sex wedding’. They’re having a wedding.”

We can’t but agree with our colleague: mixed or same sex, a wedding is the symbol of a couple’s love and the reason we are telling Carlo and Christian’s story is that we simply adored how Carlo and Christian chose to embody theirs…

Their story is set in Lake Como: pure dream and lure, this destination awakens, in the imagination of those who choose it, the concept of a journey, of a pathway that unwinds on a landscape of natural poetry. With a slight blasé touch and a contemporary feel, Lake Como has always been – and will always be – a timeless must.

We immediately convened with the couple that these were the perfect ingredients for the fil rouge that would be used to baste, on such a special day for them, the live telling of their love, passions and interests – travelling above all. And if each journey Carlo and Christian have set on epitomizes their dreams and is a vivid reminder of the richness of their souls, their marriage was the ultimate coronation of all the experiences they had shared until then.

Indeed, their big day was an exceptional journey, both metaphorically and concretely: the couple’s passion for travelling accompanied guests from the ceremony all the way to the party and took celebrations well beyond the already very high expectations.

Guests were provided passport invitations so they could “embark” with the couple. At their arrival to destination, they were literally checked in and welcomed at Villa Lario Resort, where they swooned in an elegant globetrotting atmosphere, which Carlo and Christian had chosen and defined up to the finest and smallest of details.

Scenografie Floreali smartly used flowers, colors and set up as a fun way to nod at airport indications from some of the most popular international airlines as well as to recall Carlo and Christian’s initials, which decorated historical Villa Lario – a spectacular mansion dating back to the beginning of the 1900s – from top to bottom.

Hints and notes in the decorations also alluded to water, evoking both a different travelling route and the lake’s hidden, unexplored world. Our favorite example? Hunter green algae compositions, which were elegantly used in pure construction masterpieces and were gorgeously replicated in fondant for a finely-designed cake decor.

Last but not least, Music Planner Unik Entertainment helped make Carlo and Christian’s wedding all the more memorable.

Of all mixed sex, lesbian and gay weddings in Italy, Carlo and Christian’s ranks among the most original marriages we have had the pleasure to witness – but don’t take our word for it, photos by Luca Tibberio are here to prove it!

Best wishes on this wonderful journey, Carlo and Christian, as you build your new lives together!

Same Sex Wedding in Lake Como