Sarah and Neil, Wedding in Villa Sparina

Sarah and Neil, Wedding in Villa Sparina

The destination of your wedding is set, but with so many beautiful places to get married in Italy, the choice can be quite hard! Sarah and Neil’s choice to opt out of mainstream destinations was an authentic success, so we thought that it might be an interesting inspiration for couples who are still caught between Sicily and Milan (and everything that lies in between).

Sarah, from Lebanon, and Neil, from the UK, are a young couple living in Dubai. Initially, they had considered a more popular option for their wedding: the hills of Tuscany. However, the discovery of the countryside in Piedmont soon left them in a quandary. Their final choice – the Gavi Region in Piedmont – is undoubtedly one of the most ‘beautiful places to get married in Italy’ by definition. Besides, the couple had fallen in love with Villa Sparina at first sight and they were definitively compelled by how easy finding space and accommodation for all their 200 guests was.

To ensure the ambiance matched the beauty of this Italian venue, we conceived a romantic atmosphere with a modern touch, a distinguishing trait throughout the day.

Starting from the civil ceremony, which – speaking of beautiful places to get married – was held at the feet of a majestic Lebanese cedar, the ideal backdrop recalling Sarah’s country of origin. Masses of splendid orchids and hortensias inside glass spheres hung from the branches, while glass vases of different heights and shapes were set on simple and modern white structures. This was not only the perfect choice for outdoor décor, but an original one too: no green, only white.

All weddings have at least one main challenge, and this one was no exception. Here, the challenging aspect to plan was linked to the fact that Sarah is vegan, and – rightly so – she had absolutely no intention to reach a compromise between the menu and her dietary orientation on the day of her wedding. Considering all the traditional meat and cheese-based delicacies Piedmont has to offer, this decision was a hard one, but in the end, we managed to create a menu that fully respected the bride’s needs while ensuring fanciful, tasty dishes for everybody.

The aperitif in the gardens of the villa was followed by a dinner in its suggestive cellars – definitely one of our favorites when it comes to amazing indoor places for weddings in Italy. And oh, the set up! Round tables combined perfectly with the traditional wine barrels and modern décor. Golden details on placeholders and messages from the couple printed in rose gold on plexiglass provided a finishing, magical touch. Here and there, more messages thanked anyone who found and read them for sharing such unforgettable moments. The evening then continued among speeches, toasts and the fateful cutting of the cake – in perfect vegan style, of course!

For the occasion, the clock room in Villa Sparina was turned into the perfect ballroom, where bride, groom and guests had the chance to share more toasts and dance to music until late at night, to end the evening with style.

Sarah and Neil, White Emotion wishes you to be forever happy and united as you were on Your Day; we are glad we accompanied you towards your “I do”.

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