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Planning Your Wedding in Amalfi – Wedding Planner’s Advice for Smooth Logistics on the Amalfi Coast

With cliffsides of colorful buildings and Mediterranean blues only interrupted by occasional isles, the Amalfi Coast is one of the world’s most picturesque places. Getting married in Praiano, Positano, Sorrento and Capri is a dream for many couples around the world.

Yet in Amalfi, wedding planners – and couples – face some of the trickiest aspects of the profession.
The varied coastline makes weddings planned on the Amalfi Coast as stunning as challenging to plan.
The far-from-simple, yet all-the-worthwhile access to venues requires accurate logistic planning; the luxury villas with breathtaking views of the infinite blue horizon all seem to suggest high heels are not an option and… Beware of traffic!
Luckily, years as an Amalfi wedding planner tell me weather stays nice and warm 7 months a year, so feel free to avoid summer’s crowds of tourists soaring temperatures.

The Amalfi Coast is Italy in a postcard: Italy’s purest commonplaces – pizza, mandolino, mozzarella – all come from here and, more importantly, you won’t need filters to get the same stunning photos wedding planners on the Amalfi Coast provide on their websites.

The island of Capri is by far my favorite spot: the white houses, intimate squares, gorgeous gardens and privilege of living the island at sunset, when tourists have left the beaches, add an inestimable value to weddings planned here.

Capri receives up to 60,000 visitors in high season, but because most come here on day excursions, at the end of the day its shores remain in the hands of who’s staying for the night, making the island a perfect spot to enjoy all the upsides of a wedding planned on the Amalfi Coast without the downsides of mainland traffic.

Finally, Capri is not only La Piazzetta (literally “small square”) – aka the favorite meeting place for many celebrities spending their holidays here – famous boutiques and parties; discover the hidden side of this Italian jewel indulging in intimate seaside aperitifs and dwelling on secret bays.