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Wedding Planning in Rome

Rome wedding planner – Three important things to consider if you’re planning a wedding in Rome

Rome is as rich in artistic masterpieces and monumental architecture as a single place can get; its 2700-year-old history can be admired and breathed anywhere in the city, but without a wedding planner in Rome, organization can get complicated.

1. Rome is large and chaotic – that’s no secret: traffic, tourists, pedestrian areas and any zones with restricted access should always be considered when planning transfers, as they are likely to dilate traveling time.

2. Moreover, you will need to reach an agreement with local tourist guides to get married in one of its main churches.

3. Villas in Rome tend to be very large: opt for a hotel terrace in case of a small group of guests.

The weather? That’s warm and sunny from April to October (included)!

Ceremonies held in the Vatican and in the main basilicas, terrace parties in the style of “The Great Beauty” … White Emotion’s team of wedding planners in Rome can make – and already has made – all that possible. Accuracy, care and experience will ensure wedding planning and celebration in this open-air museum run smoothly and flawlessly.