Weddings in Tuscany

Wedding Planning in Tuscany

Relax in the Italian Countryside While White Emotion’s Team of Wedding Planners in Tuscany Organize Your Ethereal Winery Wedding!

… Or relax from abroad, we’ll take care of everything!

Cradle of the Renaissance and home to the Medici family, the city of Florence is an open-air museum with a heart of pulsating modernity.
The best time of the year for a wedding? My heart says the countryside here is amazing all year round (though it reaches its maximum splendor between March and October!) however, as a wedding planner in Tuscany, I must advise you against organizing your event in July or August!

From Milan to Sicily, White Emotion organizes events throughout Italy, so why contact a wedding planner in Tuscany? What makes this region so special?

Did you know that…
When it comes to fashion, Florence is only second to Milan?
Ferragamo, Gucci and a wealth of other brands of the Italian haute-couture scene were born (and raised!) here.

And that…
Rather than a single city, Florence is a cluster of urban villages, or “quartieri”, each with its own colors and identity?
That is one of the reasons why, from Salvatino to Villa Cora and the Castle of Vincigliata, Florence boasts a long list of some of the most impressive wedding villas in Italy.

All around the city, the rolling hills of the Tuscan countryside are waiting to be explored. Whether you contact a wedding planner in Tuscany or decide to do all the sourcing yourself, be assured: the backdrop to the perfect wedding is guaranteed simply by coming to this corner of Italy!

Outside the city and into the countryside, marvel at the view of golden fields of sunflowers, drive by neat rows of cypresses and – why not? – throw a party directly in the sea of vines surrounding your dreamy countryside villa.

With Siena and its colorful flags, Lucca, the city of 100 churches surrounded by 600-year-old walls and gorgeous Cortona, nestled on a hilltop only a short drive away, many might need the help of a wedding planner in Tuscany even just to choose a location!
Most weddings are celebrated between the two major cities, Florence and Siena, in the famous wine area of the Chianti, but the undulating tapestry of vineyards, unspoiled stone hamlets, grand estate villas, truffle-rich woodlands, and restored castles creating a luxurious country-house feel diffuse in the whole region that ethereal, quirky, old-world vibe that makes getting married in Tuscany so magical.

For most couples, tying the knot in Tuscany evokes the beautiful landscape, practically left unchanged for the past five centuries and globally-renowned wine, on which you might consider allocating some of the budget saved on décor thanks to the already stunning landscape.

What else? You are in Tuscany!