Catholic Wedding

Three words. A million possibilities.

Probably the country’s most traditional form of marriage, Catholic weddings in Italy can take many forms. And whichever you are dreaming of, White Emotion is here to make it come true.

From magnificent basilicas in historical city centers to tiny chapels built in stunning countryside settings by noble families from the past, there are millions of churches where you can tie the knot. Okay, maybe that’s a little exaggerated: anyway, with 66.882 churches scattered country-wide, we’re likely to find the perfect one for you. And if the priest can’t speak English (some do, but not all), the ceremony will be officiated together with a professional interpreter.

What you should really keep in mind if the keywords Catholic wedding Italy are constantly echoing in your dreams is that the beauty of tradition also comes with a specific set of requirements:

• Catholic weddings can only take place in a church: this means that if you envision an outdoor wedding in a garden, on a beach, or in any other location, you won’t be able to hold a Catholic ceremony – Italy or not.
• If this is not the first time you are getting married, make sure the Catholic Church recognizes the previous wedding as annulled before you go any further with the planning: even if you’re already divorced, you won’t be able to have a Catholic wedding until you obtain annulment recognition.
• Don’t forget that a church is a sacred place: while brides may look dazzling in a jaw-dropping décolleté framed by a myriad of see-through details, they should always make sure they’re not showing too much skin.
• Preliminaries must be done through your parish (or the bride’s or groom’s parish, in case they are different). And please think ahead of schedule! Though this is a good idea for most weddings, it is particularly true for Catholic weddings in Italy: this specific process should start no later than 6 months before Your Day.

Moreover, each spouse needs to produce the following:

• Pre-marriage Preparation Certificate of Attendance from their Pre-Cana class
• Baptism Certificates – validity of these certificates is 6 months
• Confirmation Certificates
• Completed Mixed Marriage Application, if one of the spouses is not Catholic

A final requirement for foreigners getting married in Italy:

A Pre-Nuptial Inquiry or Pre-Nuptial Investigation: this is the Bishop’s permission that the couple get married outside their parish.

White Emotion is ready to assist you in the full process, from listing all required documentation and checking it is completed correctly (we always ask for scanned copies of the certificates to be sure nothing is missing) to your first meeting with the priest, where the details of the celebration are defined.

Oh, and one last piece of advice to couples getting married in Italy – foreigners and Italians: prepare and print a booklet with the text of the ceremony and rite of marriage. (Amazing how small details allow everything to run so much more smoothly!)

We hope this short list helps, but if you have more questions or doubts, please drop us a line!