Catholic Wedding

A great abbey church or an intimate and romantic chapel

Whatever is your dream of a Catholic wedding in Italy, with White Emotion it comes true.

In Italy there are millions of catholic churches  where you can celebrate your catholic wedding, from important Basilicas to tiny country churches, belonging to noble families from  the past. Some of them have an English speaking priest, in other the ceremony is in Italian with a translator.

If this ceremony is the one for you, specific requirements applies and you will have to consider the following:


  • Catholic weddings can take place only in church: if you would like a garden, beach or similar, catholic wedding cannot be performed.
  • If you have been divorced and the wedding is not officially annulled, you can’t have a catholic ceremony.
  • Church is a sacred place: Sensitivity is required when choosing the wedding dress.
  • The preliminaries must be done through your parish (one of you if for groom and bride are different) and the process should start not less than 6 months before.


The documents that must be completed by each of the spouses are:

Pre marriage preparation certificate of attendance from your pre cana class
Baptism certificates that must be issued within 6 months of your wedding
Confirmation certificates

Mixed marriage application completed if one of the spouses is not Catholic

For foreigners marrying in Italy, it is also necessary to produce:

A Pre-Nuptial Inquiry or Pre-Nuptial Investigation, that is the permission from the Bishop if the couple to get married outside the Parish.

White Emotion assists you in the full process, from the list and check of the correct documentation (we always ask for scanned copies of the certificates to be sure nothing is missing) till the first meeting with the priest, where details of the celebration are defined.

We advise the couple to prepare and print a booklet with the text of the ceremony and of the rite of marriage.