Jewish Wedding

Synagogues, castles and secret gardens for a one-of-a-kind frame to your Jewish wedding in Italy

Located in larger cities such as Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples and Trieste, magnificent synagogues and historical ghettos testify the centuries-long historical and artistic presence of Jewish communities throughout the country.

Jewish weddings in Italy may also be celebrated in other grand architectural and cultural settings such as castles, villas and secret gardens while still fully respecting the requirements of tradition.

Always happy to answer your questions (please do drop us a line if you have any!) we meanwhile hope the below information will help and inspire the organization of your Jewish wedding in Italy


Because the aforementioned communities are all Orthodox, rules applying to Jewish weddings in Italy are the same as in your own country.

This means your rabbi will need to prepare the religious documents to present to the Italian rabbi, with whom all the details and necessary steps can be defined directly – although we’re always here to lend a hand!

Unions celebrated by Orthodox rabbis have civil validity, but if you wish your ceremony in Italy to be celebrated by your rabbi, a civil wedding will need to be held beforehand. You can choose to have the latter take place either in Italy or in your own country: we’ll help you find the best solution.

If you follow the tradition of Conservative or Progressive Judaism, you simply need to choose your dream venue (yes, any!) and once permission from your rabbi to celebrate the wedding has been sought, White Emotion’s team of wedding planners will take care of adapting it to hold a Jewish ceremony in full tradition.


Is Your Day planned to the detail or are you still looking for an inspiration?

Choose from a wide range of chuppahs – or design your own; have the traditional ketubah painted, birchonim printed and kippot prepared for you. White Emotion will strive to reach perfection in every detail forming the backdrop to your smashing of the glass! (By the way, have you thought of what to do with the fragments?)

From the cantor that will accompany you to the chuppah, to Klezmer and Mizrachi, we’ll help you figure out which music is best suited for every single moment of your day, ensuring you glisten and your guests swoon.

We’ve even helped couples decide when and how long the Hora should be!

Ashkenazi or Sephardic? We only collaborate with premium catering companies that abide by the laws of Kashrut – and serve food and (Kosher) wines. Even if it were only for the sake of our Italian wedding traditions, food can’t be anything but perfect.


One of the things the brides and grooms we’ve helped absolutely LOVED was…

TRIPS for your guests and friends to places of interest in the Jewish culture, such as synagogues, museums and ghettos.

To sum up, gained through a synergy of Italian wedding traditions with the Jewish world, our experience is at your service.