Jewish Wedding

Italy with its important synagogues and historical ghettos
offer many location for a Jewish ceremo-nies


Italy has a long Orthodox Jewish tradition: only Orthodox weddings may take place in Italy’s synagogues. Unions celebrated by Orthodox rabbis also have civil validity.

Orthodox weddings may also be celebrated within architectural and cultural settings such as villas and gardens, while still fully respecting the requirements of tradition.

For the Conservative and Reform branches of Judaism, any pre-selected venue may be adapted to hold a Jewish ceremony, although permission must always be sought from your Rabbi before celebrating a wedding.


The Jewish wedding may follow a variety of rites, each in keeping with a specific tradition.

White Emotion Wedding Planner can organise ceremonies with a variety of types of huppa, have the typical Ketubah (wedding contract) painted, have Birkonim printed and have Kippot prepared for you.

Music is also an important part of the Jewish ceremony: from the accompanying cantor to the huppà, klezmer and mizrachi, and of course music for the celebrations afterwards. We can give you our suggestions and advice on the best suited music.

Jewish cuisine is bound by the laws of Kashrut and is pided into two main traditions – ashkenazi and sephardic. In both cases, the catering company chosen by us will comply with your tastes.


Preparation for your perfect marriage might include trips for your guests and friends to places of interest in the Jewish culture, such as synagogues, museums and ghettoes.

Thanks to our connection with the Jewish world, our experience is at the service of your tradition.