Protestant Wedding

Rich in symbolic content, Protestant ceremonies in Italy have both religious and civil validity

Weddings abroad Italy? With Italy being generally associated to Catholicism, you might be surprised at the amount of Protestant weddings celebrated in this country.

Why? Aside from the large Protestant community in Italy, more and more couples are choosing, for their weddings abroad, Italy as their dream destination – and White Emotion is proud of having celebrated no less than XX weddings over the past XX years.

At White Emotion, we’ve helped Lutheran, Episcopal, Methodist, Baptist, and Presbyterian couples plan their destination weddings in Italy on several occasions and we know each denomination carries variations to the ceremony, yet one thing most Protestant marriages share and we love is the absence of a predetermined liturgy: this means the bride and groom are free to express their love in their own, personal way.


Protestant rites have civil validity and they can be held in any place.
Finding the best solutions on how to plan a destination wedding in Italy, makes up no less than 80% of our experience, and we’ve guided many couples in defining the best option for them: choosing among all the stunning churches, secluded gardens and open spaces Italy has to offer and then matching all the logistics can be painstaking!
We’re also well aware that the marriage needs to be tailored to the couple’s specific requests so it respects tradition whilst faithfully symbolizing their love.


No two Protestant ceremonies are alike, because two persons with different denominations can marry. This often means that, from ceremony to reception, the day is likely to glow with a vibrant fusion of different styles!

A Protestant rite resembles a Catholic one, but it is shorter and more informal. Marriage is not a sacrament for Protestants; it is, in fact, a covenant between two persons who choose to express their union before God through the symbolic exchanging of rings.

Throughout history, numerous Protestant churches were built in the country’s larger cities, such as Florence, Venice and Rome. However, the openness of Protestant ceremonies also means that some of the most beautiful destination weddings in Italy we planned were held in exclusive surroundings such as villas or parks and pastors are generally available to travel to the couple’s chosen venue.

Curious to know how to plan a destination wedding in Italy? Get inspired by these amazing weddings or please drop us a line with your questions and ideas!