10 Best Photo Spots for an Elopement in Venice

10 Best Photo Spots for an Elopement in Venice

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  • On 1st March 2019
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Venice is the romantic city by definition. In two or accompanied by their dearest, every year, millions of couples choose this city to elope.

Though there are countless reasons for their decision, one of them certainly involves the many photoshoot options that the city has to offer.

Of course, different couples have different priorities and preferences, but all should consider a few points to make their elopement in Venice perfect:

  1. Getting ready: choose a nice hotel and a beautiful, bright room – even better if it features an open space! The best photos are those taken with natural light. Also make sure there is the right space to photograph the bride, preparation, dress and accessories (and to take a couple of pictures of yourself once you are ready!)
  2. Reserve a wooden water taxi for at least 4 hours: it will take you to the ceremony and will be at your disposal later, to escort you to the best and most hidden places of the city and to the restaurant for dinner.
  3. Flowers: few but fabulous! You will need a bouquet, a boutonniere, a centerpiece. They need to be really special, so whichever spot you choose for your elopement in Venice, your photos will look great and have a personal touch to them.
  4. Avoid any time between 11 am and 3 pm, especially during summertime. Again, no matter which setting you choose, the best photos are taken at sunset or when light is more delicate; moreover, (soaring) lunchtime temperatures may be annoying when wearing a bridal dress.
  5. Ask your wedding planner in Venice, Italy, for advice on a campiello, one of the city’s typical small squares, or a calle. No one ever passes by these off-the-beaten-track gorgeous little roads. This makes them the perfect place if you want to be absolutely sure to find an intimate corner where you are free to take some photos in peace and, at any rate, calli and campielli make some of the most charming settings the city has to offer!
  6. Avoid Piazza San Marco; why not find some time to sail to one of the stunning little islands of the lagoon instead – on board of the wooden water taxi you reserved, with a champagne bottle?
  7. Wherever you are, remember touch up your make up after the ceremony. Unless you are planning to have a make-up artist at hand throughout the day and night, remember to pack up a touch up kit. This way you will be able to perfection your make up super quickly in the bathroom –with all the kisses, hugs and tears, you will definitely need to!
  8. DON’T book a photographer for the whole day; at the end, you will probably be too tired for photos and will rather focus on celebrations than on posing: 6 hours are more than enough, and if you plan things effectively, even 4 hours may do the work.
  9. For dinner, make sure you reserve a table that is set apart from the rest. An excellent idea is to ask for the cutting of the cake to take place as soon as you get to the restaurant, so that the photographer can take the final photos and end the photoshoot service.
  10. Last but not least: details, details, details! Add personal details to your day! Decorate the dinner table in a way that reflects your personality and choose a special appending for your dress.

As a wedding planner in Venice, Italy, I have never seen these tips fail. Congratulations with your amazing elopement!

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