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Alessia Santa

Owner of White Emotion

Alessia Santa Wedding Planner in Italy

In love with a dream. That is what Alessia Santa is. In love with a dream as much as fascinated by that special, romantic touch which, so unique and ethereal, sees each of her projects – which she directs with delicate intelligence – take shape.

On these aspects, she has, over the years, built, shaped and developed her creativity, her love for the beautiful, and chosen as a common thread and motto for her work the realization of her clients’ dreams, making the impossible work for them, making it… Possible.

Such is White Emotion’s – the destination wedding agency she is owner of – philosophy: a beacon of guidance for spouses that choose, on their day, to treat themselves to a plus.

With a Degree in Foreign Languages and Literature and a Marketing and Communication Master, Alessia Santa – who speaks 3 languages – boasts a business background in large companies such as the Walt Disney Company, where, in the Parks & Hotels Division, she managed the Travel sector, supervising events at the park in Paris.

She then moved to the high-class hospitality sector, where she worked for the Hilton Hotels Group, first in Milan and then in Venice.
An iron fist in a velvet glove, over the years, the wedding planner has developed a marked ability to understand and interpret her clients’ needs, creating events throughout Italy in a “wheel” of high-level connections from locations to services that has gained her considerable visibility in the Italian and international press.

Magazines like Elle, Vogue Sposa, and Bride U.K. have written about her; her quotes have been reported in books by important artists-photographers of the sector and by the most important international wedding blogs.
She lives between her home in the countryside just outside Milan, Piedmont – where she grew up – and Venice, with which she is in love.

Alessia leads a team of intuitive, passionate, thoughtful people who support her and to give you a service beyond your expectations.

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