10 Ways to Wow Wedding Guests

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You wedding is going to be absolutely amazing no matter your itinerary. If you do want to go the extra mile and really surprise your guests, we have a few fun ideas to break the traditional norm. Adding a little spice can be as simple as a dedicated R & R section open mid celebration or as elaborate as a choreographed dance routine. It’s your day, you get to call the shots.

Show your guests a day they will never forget with fun, creative moments that are uniquely you. Get inspired with our top ten favorite wedding wow factors that are sure to have everyone raving about your big day.

Wardrobe Change

This first one may be more for the couple than the guests but still, we love to see an outfit change. Most brides opt to go for an extravagant, sometimes traditional dress for the ceremony and wedding photos. That being said, those dresses are not always the easiest to find your groove on the dance floor. For your reception, make an entrance with a second look that may be slightly more comfortable for the rest of the evening. This goes for the groom too! C

Not Your Typical Place Card

Finding your place card is something every single guest will see which is the perfect opportunity to shake things up. Try opting for a creative method in seating arrangements. Fun takes on this tradition include custom champagne glasses, luggage tags or even imprinted macaroons. The possibilities for customization are endless. Think of what best reflects you as a couple and your overall wedding theme. 

The happiest Hour is Cocktail Hour

One of the first things guests are presented with upon arrival is a cocktail hour. Why not make it fun with a few custom options to choose from. A champagne bar where everyone can create their own cocktail, from mimosas to bellinis. Or you can set up a liquor tasting of your favorite variety with a beverage specialist. This is interactive and can get just about anyone involved. Another popular idea is to create a signature cocktail representing the bride and groom. Try going with taste profiles that both you and your guests will love- and want seconds!

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Create a Show

If you really want to grab your guests’ attention, plan a dance number. It doesn’t have to be for a first dance and can take place later in the celebration. Get together with your bridal party or family and really have everyone on their feet cheering you on. You just might go viral on TikTok. 

A Celebrity Cameo

If you are a huge fan of a particular celeb, then you have to invite them to the wedding, or at least someone who looks like them. Hire an impersonator to mingle with everyone on the dance floor and get everyone laughing. This will immediately have the crowd buzzing and excited to be dancing with a “celebrity” for the night. 

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Take Five

It’s often difficult to leave the dance floor however, creating a little rest area is a nice touch. Try to create a comfy, lounged-out area for guests to take a breather before the next song. Even little detailed touches such as slippers or flip flops and miniature water bottles go a long way after hours of grooving in heels. 

Next Level Photos

Everyone loves taking photos especially in a cocktail dress celebrating a loved one. Take the traditional photobooth idea to new heights and hire a cartoon artist to create on the spot drawings of guests. Cute and clutch size for an easy carry out. This can be done very classy manor, similar to how Bloomingdales and MCM often host instore artists to gift customers a memorable take away. This is such a unique addition to your celebration and everyone loves to take something home with them, especially a drawing of themselves. 

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Something for the Kids

If you are planning on have a number of children in attendance it might be a good idea to keep them entertained. Look into hiring a puppeteer or a magician that will have kids occupied while parents can enjoy celebrating you while their little ones are safe and occupied. Always have a trusted friend family member sit with and watch over the group.

And How About for the Guys?

It’s no secret that much of the wedding planning and extras are focused around the bride and the ladies- although not always the case. Still, you can plan a little moment the males might especially enjoy. Cigar stations and custom tobacco blends creates a super curated space for those who wish to indulge. 

The Guest Book is Changing

One of the most talked about creative pieces to modern wedding planning is the guest book. She is changing, and in the best way. From signing surf boards, to photos of the newlyweds to leaving voice messages on rotary phones, there is no limit to creativity here. This not only creates a unique experience for your friends and family but also an incredible gift for you as a couple. 

From the cocktail bar and décor to the talent and the bridal party dance numbers, you cannot go wrong with any of these fun and out of the box ideas. Keeping your guests happy is a common stressor to feel when planning however let some of these recommendations inspire your inner creativity and make it fun!