Milan: the Italian metropolis by definition!

Traditionally portrayed as a cold and hectic gray city, over the past few years Milan has changed identity to become a cool and welcoming European city – as well as the most international of Italian cities.
No wonder it is also becoming a very interesting option for both couples planning weddings abroad in Italy and Italian couples looking for a modern and crisp setting which, combined with the comfort of a vast transportation network and airports nearby, eliminates the need to allocate budget for transfer.

A few ideas for a location?



Principe di Savoia

One of the city’s luxury milestones, the Principe di Savoia Hotel includes several, recently refurbished halls can host up to 700 guests in an elegant and classic ambiance. A veranda giving directly onto the garden provides the perfect chance to enjoy elegant indoor spaces and relax outdoors in equally refined areas.

Four Seasons

An elegant and modern location featuring an inner garden that is simply perfect for a welcome cocktail. Its modern interior design often makes it the go-to option for foreign couples willing to give their weddings abroad in Italy an allure of Italian style.

Bulgari Hotel

Outdoor spaces are designed to create natural private lounges that ensure an intimate atmosphere to smaller groups (up to 50 people per lounge). Each of the additional 4 terraces can be turned into a private space to enjoy leisurely celebrations with guests. A unique detail for intimate events with fewer guests is the gazebo: a refined, isolated structure that is sure to turn the party into an unforgettable experience.

Palazzo Parigi

Hosting up to 350 people, Sala dei Giardini (literally, “hall of gardens”) is a large space and an ideal solution for receptions with numerous guests. Elegant and refined, this setting is enriched by a charming terrace that looks upon and leads to private gardens; the perfect place for special, grand celebrations.



Villa Arconati

Located just outside Milan, this 17th century villa is surrounded by an immense park creating the atmosphere of bygone romanticism that many couples dream of for their weddings abroad in Italy. In terms of indoor and outdoor spaces to host the reception, possibilities are endless; works of art decorate its halls and French gardens, with the latter boasting fountains, broad paths lined with trees and sculptures. Stop by for a visit to discover the extent to which these places have the power to captivate guests.

Palazzo Matteotti

A more modern environment, yet not one drop less elegant and refined. Ideal for more intimate events, Palazzo Matteotti features several medium-sized halls. It might not be suitable for a large wedding, but it works splendidly for intimate and exclusive receptions, which can also be held in the palace’s crown jewel: the modern and lavish rooftop with a view on the city’s cathedral, the famous Duomo.

Villa Borromeo

Dating back to the second half of the 18th century, Villa Borromeo features ample, sumptuous halls and a large garden. Indoor spaces are enriched with statues, marble and stucco decorations, which give this structure its air of antique splendor; the ideal place for those who wish to organize a grand wedding, sipping an aperitif in the extremely well kept park and enjoying a delightful feast in the halls, just as noble families would in bygone times.

Palazzo Durini

Looking for an unprecedented setting? This one-of-the-kind location features a central cloister surrounded by a portico and two large halls, one of which faces the court of the palace. Both small and large-scale events are sure to take place in a picturesque, unparalleled atmosphere.


Vivaio Riva

Hidden in the heart of Milan is a small, green paradise, an Eden on Earth that takes visitors far away from the chaotic city and to a world of plants, flowers, greenhouses and calm; just the right space to organize small-scale events and surprise guests with the discovery of an unseen Milan, hidden to the eyes of most.

Emporio 56

A modern space characterized by the chromatic effects of its red and white brick walls, Emporio 56 is well-suited for stylish receptions thanks to its halls, mezzanine and bar, which you can all reserve for you and your guests only.

White House 52

If what you are looking for your wedding abroad in Italy is an original and exclusive idea, this location will suit you best! As the name suggests, White House is, at all effects, a house; the only difference is that the spaces it offers can be managed freely based on specific needs. Its indoor and outdoor areas include a private garden and are perfect for intimate events (around 40 guests), so if what you have in mind for your day does not involve an endless guestlist, this may be the right choice.


Currently the preferred option for most weddings. Organizing your reception to enjoy the wonderful panorama of Milan together with your guests is no longer a dream, but a concrete possibility.
Terrazza Triennale, Terrazza VIU, Me and Ceresio 7 are the places for you – keeping in mind that, because of obvious, structural and safety reasons, these venues cannot host the same number of guests a park or villa would. On the other hand, if what you have in mind is an intimate event with few participants, then these marvelous terraces are the fitting solution. A breathtaking view of skyscrapers, parks and palaces in Milan while sipping a delicious aperitive by the swimming pool or a marvelous glass greenhouse are just examples of details that will make your wedding memorable.