A Slice of Milan’s History at Grand Hotel et de Milan

White Emotion, the leading Italian wedding planner, offers clients the opportunity to have their big event organized at Grand Hotel ET DE Milan, a luxury hotel in Milan. The hotel is one of the oldest in the country and is one of the most sought-after locations for tourism and Italian weddings. The Grand Hotel offers the best of facilities and features to make your wedding day the most eventful and memorable of your life.

Located in the heart of Milan and just five minutes from the Duomo, La Scala Theatre, the Grand Hotel occupies pride of place in the bustling business district. It was built in 1863 and is a third generation privately-owned boutique that has a rich history and evokes the culture of Milan.

The Grand Hotel Milan has some of the most spacious and luxurious apartments, suites, and rooms dedicated to illustrious personalities. The Presidential Suite is named in honor of Giuseppe Verdi, the popular composer of numerous Italian operas. There are junior suites, deluxe king-size rooms, bedroom suites, superior suites, and lots more. All come with luxurious features, lounge, high-tech bath fittings, and free Wi-Fi. There are weekends as well as seasonal offers for guests, so that they can have a great time in the lap of absolute luxury when they visit Milan.

The Grand Hotel is a partner of White Emotion and together they have helped host some of the most enthralling and unforgettable wedding events in Milan. The hotel offers majestic venues, such as the Giordano, Puccini, and Verdi, for weddings and celebrations. Each venue has space to accommodate large number of visitors and guests comfortably.

White Emotion has been offering its clients the privilege of hosting their wedding event, parties, and reception at the Grand Hotel. Couples simply love the grandiose scale of celebration at the Grand Hotel they are able to enjoy as a part of their arrangement White Emotion.