Best Wedding Planners in Italy Meet Top Wedding Stylists

Best Wedding Planners in Italy Meet Top Wedding Stylists

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  • On 8th May 2019
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The favorite rendez-vous of all the best wedding planners in Italy, Sì Sposa Italia (5-8 April, Milan) is one of the trendiest brides and grooms’ wear events of the year, an unmissable occasion to meet top wedding fashion designers. While attending this prestigious event, I had the chance to interview Gino Signore, whose brand, Maison Signore, is the authentic representation of Italian bridal dress style in the world.

Why am I such a big fan of the brand? Its creations truly reflect the soul, character and personality of the women who wear them. In a full and eclectic range of lines and different collections, this talented stylist’s proposals successfully suit each individual bride’s way of being…
Gino Signore provided me with so many new sources of inspiration to help brides shine with their personal style that I just can’t wait to get creative with the upcoming weddings!
And because all the best wedding planners in Italy know and appreciate Gino Signore’s work, I thought that sharing his dream and philosophy through a short summary of our chat may inspire brides in their exciting, yet often painstaking, quest for the perfect look. Hope you enjoy the read – and, of course, his creations… I’d love to hear what you think!

What is a Maison Signore Bride Like?

The truth is that no definition matches more than one bride! Maison Signore’s secret is that the company’s heart, forever pounding with creativity, consists of a team of experienced and talented stylists capable of creating dreams and dressing brides from all around the world and with very different tastes.
The need to satisfy this diversity of requests inspired 3 new collections: Excellence, Victoria F., Giovanna Sbiroli.
Laces, crystals and jet stones are the fil rouge of Excellence, defined by the unique and exclusive touch of premium Italian tailoring that epitomizes the Maison’s care and attention to detail. In other words, hand-designed, handmade high fashion: a work of art to model and wear.

Imbued of a bohemian soul with a playful touch of varying widths, Victoria F. focuses on fluctuating, dreamy gowns characterized by a cloud-like ethereal effect, over which flow warm, natural colors. Genuineness in its purest expression.

The Giovanna Sbiroli collection reveals Maison Signore’s more French and romantic side and contains a clear reference to the Parisian Rive Gauche, the left bank of the River Seine, where poetry and love of beauty unite and, fashion-wise, give birth to a dance on organza and Mikado in fabrics that are nothing less than a masterpiece of elegance.

A sneak-peek into upcoming projects…

One of the ways in which the company has succeeded in becoming the trusted partner of most top wedding planners in Italy is that Gino Signore is betting big on young talents: his Academy and talent scouting activities directed to young tailors are there to prove it!

The true strength of this worldwide Made in Italy ambassador resides in the craftsmanship involved in each creation. Supporting young tailors is paramount, because demand for their skills is growing and Italy simply can’t afford to lose such a precious treasure. Moreover, to put it in Gino Signore’s own words, “love and dedication are ever-present in what we do and the only way we do it is through teamwork”. In short, only a top-trained, dedicated team will design and make your dress.

How has the bridal dress market changed over the past few years? What is the source of inspiration of the 2020 Collection we are going to see on the catwalk today?

This collection can adapt to brides with unprecedented styles: the brand is sold in Japan, in New York (at Kleinfeld Bridal), and in many other shops worldwide. It’s hard to tell what sells the most: for example, America is huge, and requests vary from princess-style to sexy and anything in between – provided that there is attention to quality, which is highly appreciated there. Each bride is special in her own way and wants to strike a chord in her guests’ hearts, so, whether in the Italian wedding tradition or in the most original of styles, each dress is unique, designed to move and created by means of the impeccable tailoring that makes Maison Signore so distinctive.

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