Choosing Your Signature Cocktail 

A signature cocktail can be a fun way for the bride and groom to share their beverage personalities while adding a little zest to a curated happy hour reception. Some say a good cocktail can be as much of a staple as the ever-important wedding cake. Where that may be a stretch, you absolutely can have your three-tiered buttercream dessert and personalized cocktail too. This personal touch can amplify an already elevated wedding ambiance.

With so many innovative cocktail options, it can be overwhelming on where to start in the mixology search. On average, a bride begins shopping for their dress about nine months before the big day, which is also a great time to dive into cocktail creativity. Make this wedding “research” fun with a weekly taste test date night or firing up Pinterest and getting creative in your very own kitchen. Take time to find your favorite flavors that will top off the perfect wedding celebration. 

A signature cocktail on your wedding day directly translates to the soon-to-be newlywed personalities and can be as creative as you wish. We do, however have some suggestions and tips on how to create a crowd favorite.

Take inspiration from your dreamy destination. 

Serving as a first taste into your reception, it’s important to have your signature drink reflect not only to your color palate but your location. 

Italy has a beautiful long- standing tradition of the highest food and beverage standard since the beginning of time. There’s no surprise a number of world-famous cocktails (among many other incredible recipes) were created in the land of la dolce vita. 

When thinking of your signature cocktail, look to the Italian region you’re visiting, dive into their signature products and produce. If your venue lives in the Amalfi Coast, consider using lemons in your cocktail, even as a garnish. For a Venetian venue, steer towards a prosecco base cocktail such as a Rossini and a lighter take on the Negroni is perfect for its birth region of Tuscany. Putting your personal spin on these classics tie in the destination’s culture with your own couple style. 

Keep it seasonal.

Similar to floral and menu decisions, it’s always important to keep the time of year in mind. This will not only blend in nicely with the overall wedding décor but will allow you to take advantage of what’s in season in your particular location. 

Nothing screams summer like an Aperol spritz with its bold hue and slice of orange for a refreshing crowd pleaser.  A Bellini and other champagne-based cocktails are great light, summery options whereas a festive mulled white wine or espresso martini are perfect for cooler months. 

Your drink should taste amazing and look just as spectacular.

A signature cocktail is an accessory, like your fiancé’s monogramed cufflinks or your Carrie Bradshaw something blue Manolo’s. It can not only compliment the overall look and feel of the event but also enhance the atmosphere. 

Don’t be afraid to ask your catering lead or bartender for inspiration and advice on a stellar signature. A well excited garnish can go along way and make for a picture-perfect presentation. Using natural elements such as lavender, rosemary or even color coordinated, edible flowers will take your personalized drink to a new level. 

Air on the lighter side. 

Your guests should be able to drink more than one if they so choose. A cocktail that is too strong may have guests going for another beverage. A traditional dry martini or Manhattan are popular options but can be too strong for many to sip on before the meal. Instead, opt for something that has less alcohol and save the true spirits for after dinner.  

Make it personal. 

Whether it’s the cocktail from your first date or an artistic blend of ingredients from the wedding destination, your self-named drink is a true representation of you as a couple.  A cute and charming way to give your guests another piece of your personalities on your special day. 

Design, dress and drinks. The perfect combination of wedding harmony. 

The success of any good event relies on how well all planned elements are tied together. It’s worth considering matching the shade of your signature drink to your venue color palate. If your vision includes lighter hues, it may be best to go with champagne, florals and lighter spirits. Keeping your drink constant with your theme adds to the overall ambiance. 

Your specialty cocktail is ultimately up to you, it’s your stamp on what happiness tastes like to you on your day. Whichever option makes the final cut, your guest will be excited and eager to try your wedding specialty. The best place to start is to embrace the bubbles and pop the traditional drink of celebration to spark your creative cocktail ideas.