Your elopement to the perfect destination to crown your love is just around the corner. Everything is set: you have booked flights and transportation for you, your friends and your relatives; you have chosen and tailored dress and suit… Literally everything is ready – everything, but your suitcase!

Because Destination Weddings are White Emotion’s specialty, I would like to give you a few tips to prepare the ideal suitcase to live the experience at its best. First and foremost, you should know your wedding location well, because what goes in your suitcase obviously depends from it; if you aren’t sure about local climate and possible onsite activities (although having these planned before your arrival is a good idea), my first piece of advice is to seek information! Ask your wedding planner, who will most likely be familiar with the place, or your hotel for further details.

This said, read on to find out more about your wedding-saving kit. Most of the following items apply to any destination wedding, but given summer 2019 is at the doors, some points focus specifically on couples who have chosen to say their “I Do” on a warm summer day:

  1. Photocopies of your credit cards and documents (and, if available, of your travel insurance)! Never, and I say, never forget to make and bring with you photocopies of all documents you need to travel.
  2. Original documents, if you haven’t already sent them! This is another purely bureaucratic yet fundamental aspect, if you want your “I Do” to be recognized and you two to be considered actual husband and wife upon returning from your Destination Wedding. Of course, if you have the chance to mail them, my advice is to always do that – you will have something less to think about at departure! Otherwise, no worries, just save a reminder on your smartphone.
  3. A power adapter! If I were you, I would want to know if a power adapter is required at my wedding destination and, if it is, I would let guests know too: arriving at the hotel and having to think about going out to look for an adapter to charge your phone, camera and laptop would be such a pity! Way better to leave home fully equipped: you will have more peace of mind and will fully enjoy every single moment of your stay.

4. Mini sewing kit! Some hotels already provide one together with samples and courtesy kits, but when in doubt – and considering the room they take up – I would pop one in my suitcase; that would make you ready to intervene (or have someone intervene for you) in case of any inconveniences requiring needle and thread.

5. Hydrating facial masks and eye masks! Hours of flight, stress from traveling and wedding day often leave their mark on the face and us with dry skin and very evident, dark bags under our eyes – not exactly the luminous, radiant look we would love to show off on the day of our wedding. Hydrating facial masks and eye masks may not be capable of any miracles, but they are nonetheless valid allies in illuminating and plumping up our face and fighting blemishes and imperfections. Choose the brand and solution that are best for you and always remember to store some in your suitcase!

6. Comfortable shoes! Yes, my dear brides, despite the shoes you have chosen to complete your marvelous look are splendid and “comfortable”, they are still high-heel shoes and, after dancing and posing for four hours, swollen from the heat, your feet will be screaming for revenge and you will be willing to kick them off. Therefore, a nice pair of comfy shoes to allow yourself some peace and enjoy the end of celebrations and a quiet walk to discover the location on the day after the wedding are always a must in your suitcase.

7. Don’t forget sun lotion for any reason whatsoever! Protecting our skin from UVA rays is always important, but if you want to allow yourself for some sun and relax on the day before the wedding, do apply a good amount of lotion to avoid a lobster skin in the moment of your fateful “I Do”, immortalized and saved in your family’s photo albums thereafter!

A fresh fragrance! Citrusy, talc-scented or floral, it’s up to you – as long as it’s fresh. Humans’ incredible sense of smell has the power to indissolubly link perfumes and scents to memories and experiences; finding a fragrance that represents you may be a very romantic way to make the moment all the more intimate and personal. It may also be an inspiration for very personalized and unique party favors composed of a miniature perfume bottle for your guests. (Get inspired here) link matrimonio Carlo Christian e Alan e Yvonne)

8. A bathing costume is always a good idea and, above all, one that takes up very little room! So, even if you aren’t getting married by the sea, I would still tuck one in the suitcase: Spas and hotel swimming pools are always a valid alternative to chill out and relax.

9. I would also add a couple of aspirins in my beauty case just for precaution! Simply perfect to soothe a little the headache given by all the excitement, it will also enable you to recover from any celebration-related, morning migraine and relax some more before parting from guests and leaving on a romantic honeymoon.

I would say that you are now ready to board your luggage and leave for your Destination Wedding; fingers crossed and let’s hope your suitcase doesn’t get lost on the way!!