ELOPEMENT IN LAKE COMO: Linh & Christopher

“Let’s elope.” A phrase uttered by just about every couple elbow deep in wedding planning mayhem. Whether it’s the endless detailed decisions to make or delicate guest list chaos, wanting to drop the seating chart and run [hand in hand!] has always been the eject button many couples dream of pulling. However, for Linh and Christopher, eloping to Italy’s most elite destination was the best decision they could have made for their incredible love story.

The pair met at a health fair in Sacramento and proved that despite popular belief, first impressions can in fact be remedied. Reconnecting once again during their graduating year of pharmacy school lead to their last first date and an unexpected relationship to follow. Two full years after their initial introductions an unforeseen romance had just begun.

Staying on trend with a surprising love story, Linh experienced quite the shock pre-engagement celebration. A week before a much-anticipated Hawaiian vacation, Christopher went on a quick Vegas trip with his friends. Around the same time, he had just purchased an engagement ring and with a jam-packed schedule of travel excitement, he forgot one very important detail: the newlyweds share the same credit card. 

In effort to disguise the carefully planned surprise, Chris changed the password to their account and blamed it on a glitch in the system. Linh was not buying the story. “I could only think of one possibility,” she confessed to her friends. “I think Chris is getting a stripper in Vegas using our credit card.” 

To Linh’s relief and utter disbelief, Christopher proposed shortly after at a luau on their tropical vacation to Maui. Unexpected bliss and excitement seem to be the theme of this modern romance which is clearly reflected when it came to their final wedding destination.

Linh and Christopher postponed their wedding date after the pandemic as so many couples experienced during this time. In their resilience, they decided to book two tickets and finally say I do in one of their favorite locations. “We love Italy and its charm. When Covid happened and our wedding was postponed, we decided to do something for just the two of us in a place we both love,” says Linh. 

There are few places more iconic and yes, charming than Italy’s Lake Como to celebrate wedding nuptials. When you think of a dream destination not many locations can top the elegance and indescribable beauty of Como. A region that captures the hearts of both visitors and locals alike with its dramatic lake views, picturesque villages and is home to some of the world’s most scenic and high-end venues. 

When Linh and Christopher decided on their elopement destination, they chose the crem di la crem of venues in the area with non-other than the Grand Hotel Tremezzo. Sitting on the western side of the lake, guests enjoy not only the incredible lake scenery but a stunning mountain backdrop.

An August wedding at the most luxurious location in Como planned and executed by the White Emotion team made for a truly exquisite celebration. The wedding theme beautifully embodied minimal, classic style with just a touch of elevated nature. Linh looked incredibly chic in a bow embellished Alexia María silk midi paired with Dior slingbacks. Christopher sported a classic black Indochino suit and Allen Edmonds shoes.

Vows were read lakeside overlooking the breathtaking view followed by a one-of-a-kind boat ride complete with a champagne toast to the newlyweds. Eloping is no longer an escape from wedding planning duties but now offers an opportunity for a truly intimate celebration.

It makes all the difference when you have planning support, even if it is just for two. “Having a professional help such as a photographer, wedding planner, hair and makeup will make your day so much smoother so that you can relax, take in the beautiful scenery, and enjoy the moments with your partner.” Linh explains when asked what helped make her day so perfect.

Couples searching for an elegant and outright stunning wedding location, look no further than the legendary Lake Como. The endless amount of uniquely spectacular villas and venues provide a perfect place to host the most beautiful day of your life.