We all agree that rings are not only the most popular symbol of love, but also the most widespread accessory among women of any age. The engagement ring is (or should be) a promise to keep, a totem of devotion that the wedding ring will crown.

Yet beyond being the symbol of a couple’s love by definition, the engagement ring also symbolizes the future bride’s essence, giving a special and dazzling finishing touch to her style.

Round, emerald-cut cushion, pear… Whichever the shape – and setting – chosen, the perfect engagement ring should ideally give a unique, sophisticated and (why not?) dramatic touch to the future bride’s look.

Although this is obviously an extremely personal choice, given the endless range of possibilities many brides and grooms have come to White Emotion seeking for suggestions on where to find the right inspiration… Or simply the best place where to start looking!

Milan is the capital of Italian fashion, design, economy… And jewelry.
Right in the heart of the Quadrilatero della Moda (aka Milan’s fashion district), is Pisa Orologeria. This historical place of pilgrimage for lovers of precious watches and pieces of collection has recently presented a novelty: a sparkling new jewelry line – Pisa Diamanti.

We couldn’t but fall in love with the collection of deliberately essential frames which impeccably enhance the impressive gemstones, true heart of these luxury jewels.

Pisa Diamanti adds a touch of femininity to the historical brand while perpetuating the values that have always characterized the Maison: sobriety, elegance, attention to detail and a tireless research of premium quality. Tennis bracelets, solitaire rings, pendants and earrings all follow the motive of a timeless beauty and classic style that transcend all trends and feature the whim of a small, clock-hand-shaped prong.

The symbol of love par excellence and every woman’s dream, these are our favorite models – ones that are sure to provide a simple and elegant choice, without being overdone.