Getting Married at the House of Gucci Venues

Villa Balbiano fro the lake
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The highly anticipated film House of Gucci was definitely a highlight of the year however, it’s the jaw dropping filming location that has us wanting more. From Como to Rome, Italy’s lust worthy views did not disappoint. 

Every unique region in this incredible country can set the backdrop for a dreamy Mediterranean wedding. Location favorites are endless from the iconic Tuscan hills to the star-studded Amalfi coast. At the top of this destination wedding wish list remains none other than Lake Como. The famously breathtaking location that takes luxury to a level beyond imagination. 

Lake Como is world renowned for its decadent historic villas dotting the coast and rich botanical gardens. The blue shores stretch almost thirty miles mixing old-world charm and cinematic romance. There’s a reason so many artists, aristocrats, heads of state and royalty alike have continued to visit the city for centuries. 

The weight of history keeps Como grounded from the private estates themselves to its VIP visitors. A combination of glamor and exclusivity has the world’s elite clamoring for a piece of real estate dating back to the Renaissance. Poets such as Virgil and Catullus would look to the lake for inspiration and served as an escape for Winston Churchill where he would sit painting for hours. 

The area continues to host international jet-setters and celebrities from Bill Gates to Robert Pattinson to Jon Bon Jovi to Chiara Ferragni. Possibly the most well-known tycoon to spark recent attention is George Clooney. Since Clooney’s interest, Como is not only considered a popular vacation spot but one of the top Italian cities to live. He is quoted to say the lake always called him back and after a moment spent in this Italian hideaway, it’s something everyone can agree on.

The rich atmosphere of the lake draws you into its spectacular coastline, picturesque botanicas and the la dolce vita of dreams. It’s often difficult to express the charm and elegance of Lake Como into words. Majestic, royal, glamorous, all which are perfectly accurate yet seemingly inadequate for what meets the eye.

interior hall
master suite detail
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A place that leaves you speechless is a perfect location for an unforgettable destination wedding. 

Lake Como has a number of incredible historic villas suitable to host a truly magical wedding reception. The most well-known and widely popular venue is sixteenth century, Villa Balbiano. 

The villa remains the largest private residence in Lake Como set to accommodate twelve guests in the main house and an additional eight guests in the wing. The independent villino provides up to three rooms allowing for a total of thirty guests. There is a two-night minimum stay, however the villa can be rented for a wedding with or without overnight accommodation. 

Fountains and statues covered in leafy box hedges line the prestigious entrance to Balbiano. Cyprus trees stand tall at its side beckoning guests to the view. Purply-blue iris flowers line the back of the house at lakes edge where a swimming pool and private dock rest.  

The main entrance brings you into the grand lobby covered in floor to ceiling original frescos. On the same level lives a kitchen and beautifully covered terrace for outdoor dining. (The villa also comfortably holds fifty guests for a seated indoor dining experience.)

 A statement staircase leads to the second floor where each room is decorated individually from the rich fabrics and marble to the historic antiques that are symbolic to Como design. 

Villa Balbiano is equip to capture your wildest wedding fantasy. From the stunning lake views, to the timeless villa retreat, this is a fairytale wedding location. If you are looking for a destination fit for royalty, Lake Como is the answer. 

bath detail

Couples in search of an exclusive, one-of-a-kind luxury experience choose to get married in Lake Como. 

If you are wanting luxury but closer to the city, Milan is smart option. A dream wedding in the center of a huge international hub doesn’t necessarily sound spectacular but we have just the place in mind. Next on our House of Gucci venue list is Villa Necchi Campiglio.

Secluded in the quiet neighborhood of San Babila, the villa was created in the 1930’s and donated to the FAI in 2001. Its white, square facade sits surrounded by a beautifully manicured garden and one of the city’s first private swimming pools. 

The villa is set back from the street behind an iron gate and tall leafy trees eliminating noise with guaranteed privacy. With an art deco design, the interior is also home to a rare art collection including pieces by Picasso, Modigliani Matisse and more. 

For an international guest list, the location of this property is suburb. Milan is extremely well connected and transportation is typically stress free. Even though Villa Necchi Campiglio is physically in a city center, the atmosphere of a quiet neighborhood and lush, tranquil gardens will transport you miles away.  

Also featured in the film was Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi and although not available for weddings it’s a museum absolutely worth a visit when in Milan.  

Como and Milan offer incomparable cinematic views through the movie but we could not forget to mention the actual location of the Gucci wedding. Lady Gaga and Adam Driver filmed the ceremony at the Chiesa di Santa Maria in Campitelli in Rome. 

Located in the capitals Jewish Ghetto, the church is one turn off the beaten track making it just out of sight to most tourist groups. It’s an exquisite location to visit when in Rome and would host a beautifully traditional wedding ceremony. 

The House of Gucci left us with non-stop wanderlust for Italy’s most iconic locations. Any of these decadent venues would make for a memorable destination wedding for everyone invited.  

If you are interested in any of the villas mentioned or another dreamy destination in Italy, please connect with the White Emotion team here. We would love to help make your wedding dreams come true. 

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