Tips to Manage Your Wedding Piggybank

How much does a wedding in Italy cost? The price of a wedding in Italy depends on the region, time of the year, location, services… Honestly, the list of things that may be cheaper or more expensive could go on forever!

However, the truth is that the only way to get a ballpark estimate of possible expenses is defining your priorities.

So, rather than reviewing price lists and trying to come up with a (very rough) idea of how much a wedding in Italy might cost, today I would like to share a couple of helpful suggestions for you to make the most of what you have!

Whether your budget is set (and you have no intention of exceeding it) or whether you are somewhat more flexible, my first and foremost piece of advice is: think about how you are planning to get married in Italy at that cost and… Tell your wedding planner! No one can listen, understand your requests and, if necessary, take you back to reality in terms of what is feasible and what is not better than she can!

You should always keep in mind that a large part of your budget, approximately 50% – and take my advice: don’t exceed this threshold – will go into location, food & beverage. Securing a villa or hotel reception hall, ensuring a good menu or catering service and providing an open bar are fundamental aspects to guarantee a pleasant and concern-free day with your family and friends.

Of the remaining 50%, around 10% should be spent on each of these 5, fundamental items:

  1. A good wedding planner who, as previously mentioned, has unparalleled experience in making the most of (optimizing) even the lowest of budgets;
  2. A good photographer and video-maker is crucial in obtaining excellent material to live the memories of your wedding as you tell (and show) it to your children and grandchildren in the future;
  3. A florist that will prepare a marvelous bouquet and manage ceremony and reception set up;
  4. Music, which includes paying for the musicians or DJ, SIAE (the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers, which manages copyright collecting) and lighting;
  5. Everything concerning transportation for you and, if needed, your guests.

And always keep in mind that spending more on service necessarily implies cutting on something else!

Suit, gown and rings certainly impact on how much your wedding costs; however, defining a reference budget, even just an approximate one, is not simple at all, because it involves countless factors. For example, you may want to use your mother’s wedding dress and thus require from the tailor only a quick intervention or, at the contrary, you might be dreaming of an entirely new dress, tailor-made for you in one of the most exclusive boutiques. In short, choice here is so personal that no one but you can manage it.

So, ultimately, the only one who can answer the question “How much does a wedding in Italy cost?” is… You!

And frankly, my final piece of advice after years in the wedding world transcends the purely economic: don’t worry too much about what you can or can’t afford!

Make sure you both fully enjoy each and every step on the path that leads to your “I Do”, because nothing can make the day more special and precious than the crowning of your love.