Small Tricks for A Wedding with an Impact, But Not on the Environment!

Can a wedding be planned abroad and still be an environmentally friendly celebration? Thinking about how to plan a wedding in Italy with these features has reminded me of how, over the past few years, I could not but notice how easy it is to come across the sad truth of waste in my job – not to mention how difficult avoiding waste can get. Besides, what is also true is that the fact of becoming increasingly aware of such a significant topic has, at least, brought me to reflect, seek information and learn more on where and how to improve.

The bride who asked this question lives in the US. It does not take long to realize that a destination wedding involves first of all moving around a higher or lower number of people, and often for a considerable distance. Needless to say, this does not score a point in our favor. However, the fact that intervening on this point is not possible should not leave us with a sense of defeat; there are many aspects we can work on when considering how to plan a wedding in Italy and keep it eco-friendly.


There are 2 main options here. One is technology: there are countless programs that help create invitations, participations, save-the-dates and do much more to successfully plan a wedding. In this case, all you need to do is create an ad-hoc, customized website and share the reference link. Alternatively, you can email any helpful information directly to your guests. If you prefer sticking to tradition and have old-style invitations delivered to your guests’ homes for them to keep as the very first souvenir of your wedding, however, try preferring natural materials or recycled paper. The same rationale obviously applies to placeholders and menus too.

When to marry and when to hold the reception

Many start considering how to plan a wedding in Italy because they are seeking an extremely romantic experience. Talking of romantic, evening is undoubtedly the most charming time of the day: as the sun sets, light becomes warmer and the heat of the sun leaves the floor to a cooler moon as myriads of stars gradually dot the sky. That is beautiful, yes, but to be able to talk, walk and move around, lights will have to be turned on – and not just a few, unfortunately. Then why not try reconsidering the beauty of tepid sun rays and lively colors enhanced by the afternoon light? Why not spend a calm and joyful afternoon relaxing in the middle of a vast green lane, sipping a fresh sorbetto after a delicious lunch? If you absolutely cannot do without an evening party, try favoring a more romantic, although dimmer, light of – why not? – soy candles.

The Reception

Food is undoubtedly an important part of any reception and a fundamental point when figuring out how to plan a wedding in Italy. Nobody could ever disagree with the beauty of sharing with friends and relatives the joy of the love vows you have just exchanged, and no one is saying that celebrating with a convivial reception is wrong. What is equally true, though, is that food is one of the most sensitive points when speaking of waste; approximately three quarters of what is prepared for nuptial banquets ends up in the bin as soon as celebrations are over. These are not exactly heartening data, given that today, left-over food cannot be given to charities for redistribution among those in need due to sanitary reasons. What may help is to recommend the catering service or restaurant not to exaggerate with portions and food quantity at the buffet. Speaking of which, another helpful trick to plan a wedding – anywhere – and safeguard the environment is: always try to use local providers and buy locally-grown, seasonal products. Besides, Italian local produce is probably also the best choice to ensure quality for your wedding in Italy.

Last but not least, we should never forget to opt for natural, biodegradable, recyclable or reusable materials for everything that has to do with plates, decorations, straws… And use seasonal, locally grown flowers for bouquets, centerpieces and any place where you would like to have them. Also, if the chosen venue is already plunged in the green or includes large gardens, investing on great floral compositions will be unnecessary: focus on enhancing what is already beautiful!
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