Is a Micro Wedding a Good Option for Me?

4 questions you should ask yourself if considering a micro wedding

1.Do I like the idea to celebrate with a small group of closest guests and then have a bigger celebration at home?

If you answer is yes, then start to pack: Micro Wedding is the right solution for you.

Reach out to your core guest list and inform them about your plan: some of them may not feel comfortable but you may be surprised by the support you can have in your decision.

Communication is key: large events can contribute the spreading of the virus, and your decision of a Micro wedding now means attention to the community.

2. It’s no secret that tradition weddings are going to be different at least for a while.

Are you happy to incorporate the new rules in your wedding?

Social distancing, use of make, no buffet, small tables and with 1 metre distance one from the other, use of masks, sanitisers and temperature taken to all guests together with a declaration they are in good health will be the rules that apply to traditional weddings and the “new normal”.

If you don’t want to be involved in all this, Micro wedding can be the compromise to celebrate now with the closest and have a bigger celebration afterwards, in a few years.

3. Many of my guests don’t want to travel and most likely they are going to decline but I really don’t want to wait or get married at home.

Hey, it’s totally fine that aunties may prefer not to take a long haul flight and go through all the new security checks for Covid-119. They may feel safer at home. And you don’t want them to feel uncomfortable after all.

You may also be facing the task to reduce your original guests list, and there are a few guidelines to do this as well. Email us and we’ll be happy to share some tips with you.

4. What are my priorities on the wedding day?

If in your top 3 you have: amazing photos in a beautiful scenery, a precise venue in a precise country, a unique experience where you are the focus, then again Micro wedding is yours!

Since it is a special day for you, photos now will be many couple photos. Groups photos on social media at the moment may not be the right imagery to use. Remember to limit the number of photos showing guests attendance.

These are my personal advice, and I’ve planned many events from elopements to 400 guests weddings, so feel free to reach out for a personal advice.

And remember: you are not alone in this. So may couples have been impacted and right now are reviewing their plans.