My First Engage Planning Experience!

Weeks ago and after an amazing wedding season, I took the decision to participate to Engage16Europe.
Why? well, for many many reasons.
As a wedding planner and running a small company, I constantly feel the need to reflect on my business and my objectives, to take moment and question my business practises and find my unique opportunities. Connecting with colleagues and network with them is also a great way to exchange ideas experiences, stories and more.

With these objectives in mind, I packed my luggage on the way to Borgo Egnazia: and this was another reason for deciding to go: stay a few days in this luxury Apulia resort!

“I hope to have time to pamper myself!”

I thought.


Did I reach my objectives? Definitely yes!
I came back with new friends, new inspirations and big ideas for my business, and a lot of motivation!
It was such a privilege to see on stage so many celebrities and superstars who inspire me every day in what I do. Preston Bailey, Marcy Blum, Colin Cowie shared their experience, and they were all so honest in talking also of their slumps rather than of their big success!

Engage taught me a lot of things (and some hard truths also) and I came back with new “keywords” that really matter to me, together with many nice gifts, since the initial travel kit to the final nap sac!
The key words I am referring to are:

Humility (quoted by Preston Bailey)
Brilliance  (quoted by Simon T Bailey)
Authenticity/be yourself (David Beahm). (because people want to meet the real you!)
Risk taking (Sara Haywood)

And I learned a new word -slashie- and also I know I am slash!
I am wedding planner/creative; communication manager/accountant, mom/entrepreneur….who isn’t a slashie nowadays??? a creative thinker has to be many other things too!!!!!

But the questions I still don’t have an answer for is:
if you had a magic wand and change 3 things in business, what would you do?

And you? How would you answer the question?



ph: @betsiewing

video of the event: https://vimeo.com/188633818