A wedding in Italy is synonymous with historical venues, castles, noble villas, beautiful views and relaxing scenery, vibrant local culture and genuine food.

But what if you want to host your wedding in Italy in a captivating design oriented venue?

Well, we have some good news for you and we scouted some venues one-of-a-kind in terms of design.

Those searching for a romantic event in Venice with a design twist,  Palazzo Experimental is the new address to mark in your venue list.

32 rooms designed by Dorothée Meilichzon, young interior designer specialised in hotellerie.

Inspired by gothic architecture, Dorothée brings to life the austerity of the formed Adriatica di Navigazione, with a smart use of coral polish, aluminium night tables. Carpets and floor in a dark green color reminding the color of the Laguna.

A restaurant, a private garden and a cocktail bar designed by Cristina Celestino are the perfect spaces for a wedding or occasion. Our favorite is the garden, with a private pontoon for the biggest, stylist party never seen!

Those searching for a chic cosmopolitan hideaway close to Rome but far from the hassle and bustle of the city, will find in the Antonello Colonna Resort and spa the essence if nature, modern design, Michelin start food and connection with nature.

Surrounded by 20 hectares of Park, Antonello Colonna Resort is the soul of the Michelin start chef, who wanted a panoramic  “chef’s table” in the kitchen.

12 suite, a huge pool and a grand –  well, a herbal garden –  surrounded by chestnut  and cherry trees ad decorated with modern pieces by Castiglioni, Eames, Le Corbusier, Breuer.

Eco- friendly resort, it can be used all year long, thanks to its technology for heating/refrigerating with high efficiency.

Choose from spacious salons, the gallery, terrace with pool and the immense park: all natural settings for a special event 40 minutes away from the eternal city.

Looking for something in an island? JK Capri is our vision of charming, luxurious and, sophisticatedly simple for an event in Capri with design twist.

The hotel reminds the style and concept of a luxury seaside house, created by the capable vision of Michele Boban, the architect who transformed this hotel into a “home far from home”, were guests are treated as friends.

Due to the size and the spaces to host an event here it is required a privatisation of the venue, while for small gathering up to 20 guests, only the terrace can be reserved for an intimate dinner. In case of privatisation, we recommend to host event up to 80 guests.

Sicily is the new place to be for iconic and trendy weddings in Italy, and if scouting for modern and design venues, our ultimate recommendation is Zash. Located 40 minutes from Catania airport and on the way to Taormina Zash boosts infinite possibilities of wine tasting and trekking on the Etna Mount.

Modern and design appeal, with only 9 rooms, where small is a philosophy more than a limitation, to be in  symbiosis with nature, remoteness and sophistication.

Zash is perfect for small events and gatherings. Guests can be accommodated also in the sister property Ramo d’Aria.

And last but not least, if you are looking for an event in the blazing city of Milan, the Radio Bar of Me Milan is the perfect venue; each floor of the hotel is dedicated to a different designer: Achille Castiglioni, Vico Magistretti, Gae Aulenti, Joe Colombo just to name a few.

On the tenth floor, Radio is a cocktail lounge set to attract fashionable, cosmopolitan and avant garden events. All the food is inspired by the rooftop lounge of New York& London, and the beaches of Ibiza and Miami.

Radio City View has a capacity of 150 guests in winter and 250 in summer, with the use of the panoramic terrace.

Take time to explore, and if you are looking for more information, email us at info@whiteemotion.eu and we will be delighted to show more.


Get inspired by taking a sneak-peek into some of our latest events: we can’t wait to hear from you and turn your vision into a masterpiece!