Dear couples,

Today I’d like to share with you some considerations that I’ve made in these days during my permanence at at home, days where the days seems to be longer and we are forced to fill those hours that just a few weeks ago were never enough to do everything we planned.

Covid-19 brings all of us back to our human condition, an aspects that in the past years technology and progress  allowed us to think that were were beyond this.

We are not.

Virus hits people, so if we stay apart for a few weeks and stay at home, we do the right thing to reduce its spreading , allowing the global community not to be infected and our doctors to take care of us better.

We are going on the right direction. Example of China , with a bigger community being affected, shows that self isolation is the right thing to do.

This is an imposed stop to our lives, not a vacation that we have planned. It is annoying because we are the masters of our destiny.

As things stand, we are human beings. And we are all learning an invaluable lesson from all this.

But we have a great ability to adapt, to hope, to love…. Because are still at the top of the evolution scale.

I am talking to you my dear couples, who planned your dream wedding in Italy for years: don’t cancel your dreams, but feed and nourish them stronger than before is this time for reflection.

Italy will get our stronger and more beautiful than before: people affected will recover and our landscapes, our venues, food and wines, culture will not be affected by the Virus and  will benefit, because after this lockdown experience we will be better persons.

Dear couples, I invite you to be patient, postpone where necessary, re-think the details and I promise your wedding will be even more unique than before.