The Best Wedding Planner in Italy

The Best Wedding Planner in Italy

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  • On 15th May 2018
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We know how important is your wedding day to you and your families. And we know it since many years.

For this reason all our efforts are concentrate in the direction to create a flawless and unique event every time. And for this reason, in 2018 and for the third year, we have been listed among the 10 best wedding planners in Italy by Zankyou.

I can indicate 3 main reasons:

  1. We love our couples: they are all different one from the other… as all the couples dream something different for their wedding day.
    We become friends during the planning and we keep in touch also after, as we do a romantic journey together, blending emotions, travels, fine cuisine, details, lots of talks and fun!
  2. We love what we do: our passion, energy, empathy are visible and tangible, and they are reflected in the connection we create with our clients and in the final outcome of the wedding – this is for us the final proof!
  3. We love to think different. And what makes us different? Our multicultural background is a mixture and perfect balance among different cultures and Italian way of living: from understanding Anglo-Saxon expectations, to including Arab traditions and Chinese cultural elements too, we liaise with each culture with a clear understanding, to produce seamless results thanks to our local expertise and cultural awareness.

That’s why we are highly respected in the industry and many events have been featured in different blogs and publications.

Alessia Santa Garda Lake Wedding Planner


  • Stay sticky to the client’s budget. Unless the couple indicates you some flexibility or the possibility to exceed, I always respect the client’s budget. If a request is not feasible, I’d rather say no at the beginning rather than create false expectations. Sincerity always pays.
  • Be responsive and pro-active: during the planning process it comes a collision time: the venue does not allow fireworks, the caterer cannot prepare that precise cake, lily of the valley is not available in September, you have 200 guests and the hall does fit only 170 with imperial table….. there will always be a moment of hilly road during the planning. Be proactive: find the solution out of the box and think different: this is how magic happens!
  • Be personal: take into account the personality of the couple, of the venue…. and myself: mingle the ingredients together and be assured we create something stunning which has never been seen before. I plan weddings, I chose this jobs and it is what I like doing, I love to make people happy. I could not do anything else in the world.

Meet Alessia

I live in Milan with my husband and my lovely daughter Ginevra and travelling extensively around Italy.
With a decade of experience in events industry and a background of hospitality and international clientele, I have had the honour to attend international conferences, to learn from the best experts in this industry, to manage a refined and demanding clientele from all around the world and now, being nominated among the best wedding planners in Italy makes me proud of myself and it’s a great stimulus to do always better.


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