The Honeyfund Dream

The Honeyfund Dream

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  • On 12th January 2018
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Even though the ages of couples getting married is rising, Most young couples, beginning this chapter in their lives, cannot afford their dream wedding. Few are expecting their parents to pay for their wedding. By the time they marry, they are adults living on their own and beginning a career. This is the inspiration behind all the “new” honeymoon registries.

Honeymoon registries are not a new concept. Couples have been waving scan guns in department stores for a long time. But the honeymoon registries of today are much more user-friendly. These registries allow the couple to set up a really cool honeymoon page that allows them to share their wedding and honeymoon dreams. Today’s registry allows for the couple to ask for gifts of things that matter to them. They may want help with honeymoon expenses. They may want event tickets, travel upgrades, lodging for their pets while they travel, or even money to allow them to extend their stay.

Honeyfund has been on the wedding scene since 2005. They are the honeymoon registry standard. When Honeyfund began, it did not get warm and fuzzy welcomes from the wedding industry. Many of the big name wedding experts considered it tacky, shameless, and non-conventional to allow a couple to even hint that they want a particular item for a wedding gift. While it seemed perfectly acceptable to say they would like a $150 coffee maker, asking for a $150 pet hotel stay was shameless. But, the couples did not agree.

Honeyfund doesn’t stop there. If there are items like that coffee pot that the couple wants, they can still go to a department store and create a registry. They can then link that registry with their Honeyfund to keep everything together and easy. This allows for the traditional wedding gift and the modern wedding gift. Everyone is happy.

The Established Couple

There is another avenue we have yet to mention. This is the wedding registry for the established couple. This couple already owns a home. They paid for their wedding and their honeymoon on their own. They do not need anything and all they want is for people to enjoy themselves and celebrate with them.

In today’s society, it is not uncommon for a couple to begin a family and purchase homes, cars, and furnishings together, long before they decide to make it official. It is not that they do not appreciate gifts. But they are stable and they would rather the money go to a good cause. This couple will set up a Honeyfund that benefits something dear to them.

Here are a few examples:

  • Donations in their name to a children’s hospital
  • A contribution or volunteer service for Habitat For Humanity
  • Supplies and funds for animal shelters or rescues
  • Donation to the local church for the children’s library
  • Assistance to help save the planet

Other gifts that make a difference are:

  • Donations of food, toiletries, and clothing to a homeless shelter
  • Donations to the local food bank
  • Blood drive
  • After school programs
  • Cell phone drive for abused parents

If the gift giver is uncomfortable, they can opts to buy a Honeyfund gift card and let the couple make the choices.
The point is, this couple cares about the health and wellbeing of others. They know how blessed they are. They offer these avenues of gifting so that their special day, becomes a special day for someone else.
Friends and family can feel proud of what they donated and happy to be part of area solutions. This is what the modern family stands for, and Honeyfund makes it easy for them.


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