February closes out the holiday season with red roses, candy hearts and special candle-lit dinners. The month of love also brings us to peak engagement season with almost half of couples popping the question between Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

From the uptick in announcements on your social feeds staring friends and loved ones with a new sparkly accessory, it’s clear this is high time for getting on one knee.

On average, couples start shopping for their dream ring between three and five months prior to their engagement. Since Covid, most jewelry companies have even started remote shopping appointments to accommodate anyone who may not feel comfortable with an in-store visit. The pandemic may put a pause on many things, but finding the perfect ring is not one of them.

Choosing an engagement ring is no easy task, let alone designing one from scratch. To dissolve the ring shopping stress, couples are working together to find the perfect ring – or at least giving their two cents. Designing or shopping together can be such a special experience.

Will your partner knowing about the ring design take away from the surprise of a proposal?

Absolutely not. It will only help your soon to be fiancé choose the ring that you will look at every day and love.

There are many ring styles and key details to remember when browsing for your (or your partners) dream ring. The setting and shape as well as the band size and metal have become the most important things to consider, whereas as-over-the-top karat size has become less important as of late. Yes, we were shocked too.

When shopping, you may also want to consider the current trending styles. It may sound a bit counterintuitive to combine a fashion trend with an everlasting symbol of marriage, however it doesn’t hurt to take a look. Recent designs embody an alternative aesthetic and are different than what we’ve seen in previous seasons. It may serve as an inspiration for designing or deciding on just the right design.

A diamond has been the universal symbol of love across the globe for centuries. Indestructible and rare, diamonds perfectly represent each unique love story, as no two are the same. As exclusive as each diamond ring is, other gems may now be taking center stage.

Today’s popular ring designs are made of uniquely shaped precious stones paired alongside traditional diamonds. Megan Fox and her double pair emerald-plus-diamond stunner is the latest example of the trend. We’ve also noticed a decrease in rose gold settings and finding either platinum, white or yellow gold as the most requested.

We’re not saying diamonds are taking a backseat by any means. Model Emily Ratajkowski’s double diamond masterpiece speaks for itself when we say diamonds are not going anywhere. It does however, make a case for the two-gem trend, of equal size that is. There seems to be fewer calls for a halo and more focus on the one (or two) main stones.

This does lead me to wonder, is the pear shape making a comeback?

Personalization will continue play even more of a key factor when choosing a ring. Couples want to invest in something personalized and completely unique to their style. Of course, not all of us are in the market for a 20 carat Kardashian diamond, but that does not mean you can’t create a one-of-a-kind piece of timeless jewelry.

Ariana Grande’s most recent engagement is the perfect representation of making your ring completely your own. Her oval cut diamond is accompanied by a small pearl passed down from her grandmother as a symbol of protection. Maybe understated by celebrity standards, this ring is truly doubled in meaning and sentimental value.

Let’s not forget Kate Middleton’s sapphire heirloom design from the late Princess Diana which inspired so many. Originally created by Prince Charles, this crowned jewel may have been ahead of its time as it unlocked the door to a new style and influenced a generation. Not only did iconic actor Orlando Bloom propose on the day of love but also it seems his ring choice was inspired by this royal design.

Do you think this crown jewel served as inspiration for Katy Perry’s ruby cluster?

Incorporating a piece of your family history or heritage can make the most important piece of jewelry that much more special.

It’s not often wise to tie a monumental item such as an engagement ring to a temporary trend. That being said, it makes the utmost sense when that trend is tradition. Placing your own, personal sentimental twist on a classic is a design that will never go out of style.

Now that you have the perfect ring, the real work begins. The looming pressure of wedding planning can sometimes take away from the whirlwind of emotions that hit after saying, “yes”!  It’s such a short period and it should be enjoyed to the fullest.

White Emotion is dedicated to making the planning process just a memorable and stress free as your special day. We create your personal once-in-a-lifetime experience that tells your unique love story.

I the words of De Beers, a diamond is forever. Now let’s get started on making unforgeable memories to match.


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