Top 4 Apps to Plan Your Wedding

Top 4 Apps to Plan Your Wedding

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  • On 10th June 2019
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Let’s keep things clear: planning a wedding is not something that can be done by simply skimming through social media posts or web articles.

There are many aspects to consider, many decisions and choices to make, advice and opinions to listen to and tastes and needs to meet! However, our inseparable smartphones and some incredibly brilliant programmers, who have understood the importance of the sector, are here to help our brides.

Apps for Wedding

Over time, White Emotion has tested the following 4 apps and we think they may be a valid support when planning your wedding:

Appy Couple Wedding App

Extremely well organized, this app offers the opportunity to share the access code to your page with your friends and relatives, keeping them updated and connected throughout organization – but fear not, you will be able to decide which sections your friends can see and which they can’t, in order to avoid spoiling any surprises!

You can also share photographs both before the wedding, for advice on look & accessories, etc. and during and after the event, to exchange memories of Your Day.

Add a reminder with wedding date, place, time and related events and keep an eye on the guestbook, any allergies/intolerances, required children activities, menu and music preferences and other aspects requiring timely organization, such as transport.

A Location section has also been added, allowing you to include advice on hotels, restaurants and things to do around, so that guests can enjoy a few moments discovering new places.

The app is completed by the Gifts section, through which you can give advice to guests or directly add the link to the wish list you created on Amazon! Last but not least, a chat room enables you and your guests to exchange ideas and tips or clarify doubts and concerns.

To top it all up, graphic design is definitely captivating, which is never bad, speaking of details…

Wed Happy

A complete app to manage the organization of all your wedding-related activities!

Wed Happy is an excellent agenda to constantly monitor budget management (check out our post on tips to make the most out of your budget); you will be able to add and update all your dress-trying, location visiting, florist-meeting, menu-tasting, cake-choosing rendez-vous and much more.

A very convenient – and fundamental – contact list can be created to always all your providers’ contacts and, most importantly, your wedding planner’s precious contact!

Paying a little extra will provide you with the possibility of inviting other people and sharing your account with them in order to keep them updated on novelties and variations – traveling to a faraway destination has never been so simple!


Perhaps the completest wedding app so far!

In addition to the previous functions, it features an option enabling you to create your own Wedding Site, share your profile with other people, and much more.

A very interesting and useful service is the provision of tips on providers, with whom Zankyou collaborates, based on your chosen wedding location; for each, you will find a brief description, a cost prospect, the number of guests they can host, reviews and a link to their website. You will also find directions to the main ateliers for dresses, florists, catering services and beauty centers in the area, together with all the services that may help you with organizing Your Day.

What’s more, a special section with advice and articles on beauty, style, honeymoons and other tips on the wedding world has been designed to inspire both the bride and the groom.

Wed Shoots

A free app, Wed Shoots is an extension of the more generic app and enables you to share pics taken by your friends and relatives on the day of your wedding.

Photo albums are created directly via the app at the same time your Wedding Site is – the choice of sharing it with your guests or keeping it private is entirely up to you.

Once you have installed it on your smartphone and customized it with the cover image that best represents you, all you have to do is add guests by sending them your “save-the-date” (a simple QR code) straight from your app!

Once they have downloaded the app and logged in to your page using the code, each guest will be free to upload their photos and share them with you and the other guests; all albums will remain available for you to download and save.

This app is perfect if you want to have the possibility to re-live every single moment of your wedding and enjoy any details that you may have missed!

Now, all you have to do is download he apps you think may suit you and your needs and… Happy wedding planning!

PS. If you know of any other apps to suggest, please let us know! We’re always looking forward to discovering new options!!!


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