Top 5 Wedding Color Trends for 2022

With current color trends widely divided between bright pops of color and neutral chic, it can be tricky deciding which direction to take. Since most wedding elements revert back to your chosen colors, this is typically one of the first decisions to make in planning.

Ultimately your color palette is up to you and there are countless ways to make your day uniquely yours – and beautifully designed. We share the top five most popular trends in wedding color schemes to spark some creative inspiration.

Staying Neutral 

Soft, muted wedding colors have been popular from the beginning of time. Neutral colors are known to be elegant with minimal effort and can perfectly tie into just about any romantic theme. Blush, grey, mauve, beige and even a pastel blue are just some of the many hues when aiming for this palette. If your heart is begging for more color, try taking a brighter shade and looking at the softer, or subdued version such as a dusty rose for a touch of pink or light sage from the green family. 

 A neutral palette is often synonymous with the boho style. Whereas this is a beautiful theme, it is not the only option for this delicate color story. The coloring you choose is meant to elevate and accentuate your invitations, table settings, floral arrangements, your bridal party and ultimately you as a couple. That means these ethereal hues can complement any style from a royally embellished celebration to a lush garden reception. 

Bold and Beautiful 

Pastels and neutrals have always been wedding day color staples. Still, most industries follow what current trends are taking off and the wedding circuit is no different. From the runways in Milan to the streets of New York color is officially the new black – at least for the moment. Bright, bold hues are all the rage as of late and worth taking a look into for your big day décor.  

These can be folded into your theme subtlety from your save the dates and invitations to any venue design element. If you wish to soften a brighter hue, try incorporating a traditional option as a secondary color to balance the overall layout. Floral arrangements, boutonnieres and bouquets are a great way to tie in this trend by opting for an exotic blend of flowers. Electric pink, amber yellow, wild berry and emerald green are just a few of these fun, high energy shades. 

All White Dress Code

As a wedding guest, white is the one color we have permanently ingrained in our minds to stay away from. That being said, an all-white wedding theme is a bold choice yet elegant, classic and can be a monochromatic dream. Couples can choose any theme – not only a snowy wonderland- and incorporate white elements for a truly modern vibe. 

One protentional challenge with a complete white color palette, is the risk of a bland or flat design. To prevent this from happening, incorporate different textures into each wedding element. Patterned upholstered seating and faux fur accents are great little touches for a winter feel while embroidered linens and sequin details are perfect for the summer season. 

Mediterranean Charm

When choosing Italy as your wedding backdrop, the Mediterranean already sets the tone for a beautifully Italian aesthetic. Most of the country consists of endless shades of Roman yellows and Tuscan terracotta providing a built-in color palette. It’s not a necessity to choose these iconic tones, however it does make for an effortlessly romantic ambiance.  

Most likely, your venue will already reflect these authentic tints and may even provide seasonal produce that can enhance these tones. Using locally grown oranges for a signature Aperol spritz cocktail will add a sharp pop of orange. Locally grown lemons can be incorporated into almost any course and even as a garnish atop an elegant, picture-perfect wedding cake. It is very common, especially in the southern regions to offer homemade limoncello for an after-dinner digestive paired with your desired sweets. There are countless to take advantage of your incredible destination to organically elevate your big day colors. 

Pantone Color of Choice

Very Peri, the new Pantone 2022 color of the year has arrived and it is making a big splash. It’s described as carefree and curious while embodying a creative spirit and young Peri is becoming very popular. From designer lines and everyone’s S/S must haves, this new purply hue is taking over the color scene. 

Much like other bold blends on trend, this new hue offers couples flexibility in wedding décor. Veri Peri can be nicely used as an accent color appearing in each bouquet or bridal shoe for a surprise wow factor. For grooms, ties, vests and pocket squares provide the perfect opportunity to incorporate the shade in a minimal manner. 

Secondary colors and lighter options of the Pantone newbie will tie in the bold splash of creativity nicely. From invitation stationary to the bridal party uniform, the sky is the limit for this forward-thinking twist on the traditional purple. 

Your wedding color combination is the glue that beautifully holds your venue, theme and décor together. The role this color story plays at any wedding is to help bring your big day dreams to life. Weather it’s one of these top five trending ideas or a palette unique on its own, choosing colors that make you as a couple happy is always the right choice.