Top Places to Get Married in Italy – My Favorite 5

Top Places to Get Married in Italy – My Favorite 5

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  • On 25th February 2019
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The best places to get married in Italy? With so many amazing locations to tie the knot, one could spend years dreaming about the perfect spot! And though in the end, any of the countless options are sure to be a stunning setting to hold your nuptials, the following are definitely my all-time favorites…

1. Lake Como

The countless charming historical palaces and exclusive beach clubs make Lake Como one of the most aristocratic Italian wedding locations. And indeed, all the weddings I witnessed here were nothing short of fabulous! Why? You simply can’t help falling in love with the stunning views of water seamlessly blending with the spectacular, mountainous landscape dotted with lavish Renaissance villas. Yet what I really enjoy about this magical setting is that if haughty mansions are not your style, its golden beaches will provide the perfect backdrop for an oh-so-romantic outdoor ceremony.

2. Venice

Did I say romantic? Then Venice has no rivals! When I lived there, one of the things I loved was walking across majestic Piazza San Marco (aka St. Mark’s Square) to end up wondering in the narrowest and most intimate calli. These tiny streets lead to thousands of unexpected views over canals, achieving that wow effect you get every time you turn a corner. Of course, Venice is packed with amazing venues, but what really make it magical are its secluded, secret gardens – so far from the crowds yet so deep in the city’s heart…

3. Val d’Orcia

A gem buried in the heart of Tuscany, to me this valley looks like a green sky where the stars are small terracotta medieval hamlets. So remote and peaceful, the Val d’Orcia is the perfect place to lose yourself in a sea of hills and a maze of vineyards – and no, I am not being too poetic! The crowds of Florence and the Chianti are just a bygone memory in this unspoiled countryside setting.

4. Sicily

Sunset wedding in a lemon garden on the Mediterranean blue. That’s more than enough to get me dreaming, yet there is so much more to Sicily! From the first time I set foot on this island, I was captivated by the decadent style of the venues and the fusion of ancient cultures of which the entire region is imbued. Lovers of architecture and genuine food, this is your place! To say it with Goethe’s words: “To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily, is not to have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything”.

5. Capri

Last but not least, this idyllic island is the glam place to get married in Italy par excellence. It is no mystery that Capri is one of the dearest wedding and holiday destinations for Hollywood stars and many other celebrities – and no surprise either: its outstanding natural beauty is hard to equal and it’s such a short ferry ride away from mainland Italy that even the Dolce Vita that used to stay in Rome has moved here!

So, is your dream location among my top 5, or do you know more beautiful places to get married in Italy? In any case, my final tip is: pick your favorite(s) and then… Plan a venue tour in the region! Of course, anything can be arranged remotely, but a real-life preview is simply priceless.

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