Wedding Candy Corner

Love has to be sweet, and a reception should end with a touch of sweetness.
Every wedding planner knows that the wedding cake is the “star” of the reception, but has become more and more popular, creating a corner dedicated to sweetness: the wedding candy corner.

The Wedding Candy Corner is a very stylish idea to add sweetness to your wedding reception.
The candy corner in Italy also has a special meaning and we add special touches to give it a symbolism and a blessing for the newlywed. In fact, we fill it with sugared almond, traditionally white. It is considered very important, nearly as the wedding cake.

Tradition says that every guest should take five of them, as they represent the five elements for a happy marriage: happiness, good health, fertility, long life, and richness.

With sugared almonds, we can combine lollipops, cupcakes, cookies, and everything you like to end in sweetness.
The candy corner should respect the style and theme of the Italy wedding, combining sweetness to the décor of the entire wedding. The candy corner comes out  right after the wedding cake and the dessert buffet.
Ribbons, flowers, candles, lanterns, and lovely labels to indicate the different tastes complement your sweet corner.