Wedding in Venice: A Fond Farewell to Palazzo Pisani Moretta

Wedding in Venice: A Fond Farewell to Palazzo Pisani Moretta

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A client calls: “We’ve chosen the location! We would like a wedding in Venice”. After going through a list of potential venues, I tell her she will receive a list with the pros and cons of each to help her and her fiancé in their choice and, as she won’t be flying from the US to Italy before September, we arrange our next meeting via Skype.

As soon as she hangs up, I start scrolling through the photos I would like to share with her.
I am about to add Palazzo Pisani Moretta to the list when I suddenly halt.
It would be perfect. It’s such a pity it’s no longer available.

I been planning weddings in Venice ever since I started my business back in 2008, and I can say with confidence that the splendor of this Venetian palace is unique.

An ideal space for lovers of Italian art, history and culture, situated in one of Venice’s most prestigious districts, Pisani Moretta is more than just a majestic backdrop to elegant receptions. Since it was built by the noble Pisani Moretta family back in the 15th Century, it has hosted the most lavish events organized by and for the Venetian elite.

In addition to some of the most stylish weddings in Venice, the elegant baroque decorations that line the walls of its aristocratic indoor spaces have witnessed incalculable gala dinners and VIP events. An example? The Ballo Del Doge which, for those who aren’t familiar with it, is a high-profile, social and artistic event providing a unique insight and experience of the crème of Venetian Carnival celebrations. To use the words of the press: “The most sumptuous, refined and exclusive event in the world” (Vanity Fair) with “the finest Carnival costumes in Europe” (The Australian Financial Review).

Given the level and style of events and exhibitions taking place at the palace, I was particularly honored to organize one of the last weddings to be held there in October 2018, just before it officially passed to its new owner and its doors closed to rental for private celebrations without any further notice.

Dorothée and Olivier’s style made this venue, of all places to get married in Italy, simply the perfect match: every single detail this French couple had defined for their celebration was as opulent and awe-inspiring as the Palazzo and honestly, their party was as zesty and flamboyant as Carnival – with bride and groom dancing until 4 am!

I glance to the dreamlike photo of the picture-perfect venue I had sent Dorothée and Olivier during planning stage and sigh. Then, I look outside the window and smile. Bathing in April sun, the view of Venice proudly displays all the amazing opportunities it has to offer.

My fond farewell to this sumptuous palazzo reminds me that what makes Venice one of the top ten places to get married in Italy is precisely the number and magnificence of its venues.


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