Weddings in Italy and Abroad – Pinterest: Why Do We Love It So?

Weddings in Italy and Abroad – Pinterest: Why Do We Love It So?

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  • On 29th July 2019
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Fast and intuitive, Pinterest owes its popularity to the fact that, to date, it is the completest search-by-image platform, enabling us to find literally anything we may be interested in. However, what many do not know is that it is also a very versatile planning tool, which makes it an incredible asset to plan weddings in Italy and abroad.


How Does It Work?

Before we get into details on how we use it for our weddings in Italy and abroad, here is a brief introduction for those who are not familiar with it: Pinterest is a social media platform in all respects. First, you need to register and create your profile. Then, Pinterest asks you to select from a list the topics you are interested in to start proposing Pins (images and photos) based on your choice. Nice and simple, isn’t it? And don’t worry, alternatively, you can always search anything you like by typing keywords in the search bar, just as you would do on Google.

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What Does it Offer?

Whether you are searching for an inspiration to furnish your new home, advice on exercises to improve your workout or a new recipe to surprise your friends at your next reunion, Pinterest basically puts at your disposal an infinite number of ideas and pictures. The system enables you to save the most interesting Pins and organize them in boards (directories) according to their topics. This board categorization is designed to facilitate research and consultation of your profile by other users.

Which takes us to how White Emotion plans weddings in Italy and abroad: regarding this, we must say that Pinterest has become a marvelous operational asset: keeping an active Pinterest profile enables us to share ideas and inspire couples who are planning their wedding as well as pure and simple wedding-world lovers. Of course, it is also an opportunity to find and save all the Pins that may inspire new proposals regarding venues, set-ups, table settings and details, enabling us to meet all of our couples’ needs and customize their wedding in the best way possible.

The opportunity to create secret boards (ones that are not visible to all) and share them as required and with interested users only, also enables us to maintain a constant visual communication with our brides and grooms for clarifications and updates on all those details that are simply better conveyed with pictures rather than words. No doubt then, that this tool is absolutely fundamental in the wedding planning process concerns couples that live in different cities or across the ocean!

In addition to sharing ideas from other profiles, the creation of Pins using our own material enables us to showcase the projects we have already planned and implemented, the venues we work with in Italy and abroad and the set-ups that have been designed specifically for our events. It also gives us the opportunity to view previous work by potential providers sharing their material, creations and experiences online to make themselves known, thus helping us start new, effective collaborations.

In conclusion, the only thing we can add is that if you have not had the chance to enter Pinterest’s world and are planning a wedding in Italy or in any other country, our advice is to download the app on your smartphone, tablet or computer and get involved and inspired by the infinite ideas and possibilities made available to you for free.

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