Hello brides,

As I anticipated in my previous post, I will write here some of the answers I gave during the lives of the past weeks.

1. My wedding is in the fall in Italy. Should we postpone to 2021?

It really depends on where you and your guests are coming from.
If you are coming from nearby countries and you have a small number of guests (below 100), it can happen in Fall. In any case, consider to have a smaller number of guests, as some of them may not be willing to travel to a foreign country. As a kind gesture, check the sentiment among your guests before confirming a wedding in fall: are they happy to travel? Or do you feel they are not so comfortable?
If it is a bigger affair coming from long haul destination, I recommend to evaluate postponing to 2021. Most suppliers are open to change the date and are keeping the same contract for 2021, without increasing any rate.

2. Our invitations already went out: how do we communicate the new date?
I recommend to keep everything: work on the old invitation and on the old dates: it has not been cancelled but postponed, so why don’t show the old and new date?
Add a layer to the old invitation, create a new style that matches with the previous.
Mix raw, classic and modern look, or simply add a ribbon with the new date: be as creative as you like.

3. How will this affect my wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses (purchasing, alterations, etc.)?
During and after Covid, the traditional bridal salon experience with bridesmaids and friends will change.
Local bridal shop who have their own production, are not experiencing a great delay in delivery, they will prioritise the coming up weddings versus end of the year ones, to ensure that all brides have their dress in time.
Call your salon in advance and check your options with them.

4 I want a destination wedding in 2021: is it safe? Or shall I consider to do it at home?
If this is what you have been dreaming of….. go for it!
It’s natural to have a million questions about the future, and it is not only related to the wedding day for sure.
Be excited, be positive: and yes, plan a destination wedding will be much more fun than before.
Move fast: many dates are taken from 2020 postponing, so dates, planners and venues are running out of availability very quickly.

5.How will Destination Weddings be in 2021?
Micro-weddings are set to be popular for 2021, so most likely we’ll have more weddings within 50 guests: it means more quality time spent celebrating with your nearest and dearest in an intimate setting. Having less guests will allow you to really splash out on people that matter and create an unforgettable experience for them. Follow the news, hire a planner so she can help you navigate through contracts, policies and what to do, and by definition she will have a Plan B for sure.

6. Are weddings allowed in Italy now? Do we have to wear masks?
Yes weddings are allowed with a few restrictions at the time being:

Social distancing of 1 metre among guests who are not family members and 1 metre from a table to another.
Buffets must be served by waiter: I like this rule, more finger food vs buffet !!!
Masks are requested indoor and when guests are not at the table.
Dancing is allowed with social distancing of 1 metre.

At the arrival guests will be ask to sanitise hands and take the temperature, and declare that at the moment they are in good health.

And you, do you have more questions? ASK ME, I’ll be happy to answer you.

Keep up, postpone don’t cancel, we’ll celebrate more than before.