What are the Wedding Trends?

What are the Wedding Trends?

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  • On 30th June 2017
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As we are now in the very high wedding season, it’s time for me to share my favorite 2017 wedding trends. Ready to be fashion brides? Listen to the advice of a wedding planner.

1.Asymmetrical backdrops
It is one of my favorite trends this year. Shape your arch or your flower wall and make it modern!
Yes to asymmetrical decors, arches with different shapes: round, cascading, hoop or with paper flowers on a side. Play with size and colors and transform the space. Isn’t it creative? the wow effect (and without spending a fortune) is certain!!

Wedding details White Emotion

2. Live paintings
You have the photographer and videographer confirmed and they will be the storytellers of your day.
But how can you introduce more art to your wedding? With a live artist to paint a scene of your wedding or your portrait. It may be a gift from a guest or your idea but having a canvas on a wall of your new nest will be fabulous!!!

3. Cigar Lounge
Do you want to treat gents at your wedding? provide them a relaxing corner and gateway from dance floor.
If your guests never experienced a cigar before or are they cigar smokers, this is a unique activity for them.

Rome Wedding Terrace

4. Mixology
A signature cocktail at your wedding? why not: and we can provide it!

As we are always looking for new ways of personalisation and details to add a touch to your special day, who doesn’t like a cocktail with his and her name? Our bartenders are true artist of cocktails and can provide also cocktail lessons on the spot.


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