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Wondering about how to plan a destination wedding in Italy?
From the choice of your dream venue to church decorations, from premium catering to cake design and from car rental to guest travel management, this is the right place to find how to plan a destination wedding in Italy. And enjoy the whole process.
A perfect wedding involves so many things that nothing can be left to chance, not even the unexpected. At White Emotion, we take pride in pinpointing the bride and groom’s wishes and turning them into concrete reality, helping couples conceive, organize and ultimately realize their dream event. Together, we will choose party favors, create the theme for your fateful day, define guest arrangement and much more.
Your destination wedding planner will take care of all the bureaucratic issues and handle pre-wedding appointments, including the organization of stag night and hen party. Moreover, our solid reputation throughout Italy means the best florists, caterers, designers and stylists will be happy to help you make every detail perfect before, during and after your destination wedding in Italy – or abroad. You just relax and enjoy it. After all, it’s your day!

Destination Consultation

The first step to plan a destination wedding is, of course, choosing the destination. The incredible number of ravishing options available in Italy and abroad can be overwhelming, and even when it is not, getting the paperwork ready for the journey can be. Aside from providing support and guidance whenever needed, we will ensure no red tape prevents you and your guests from reaching the perfect destination.

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Location Scouting

Many couples come to us with a clear vision of their dream venue. Although they may not know how to plan a destination wedding in Italy, stunning castles, dumbfounding villas, sumptuous palaces are vividly pictured in their minds. The problem lies in trying to reconciliate dream and reality. Tell us about the venue you imagined and let us guide you step by step on the way that leads to it in the real world.

Event Design Consultation

In other words, our suggestions on how to plan a wedding in Italy, or – how to arrange what you have planned. No matter how simple or grand the wedding, quality is always a top priority, yet with so many providers, knowing that only first-class transport will be available for you and your guests, only the finest food will be served and that both ceremony and reception spaces will be tailored to suit your needs is not easy. We put our experience at your disposal to erase any doubts and ensure you the peace of mind you deserve.

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Wedding Planning and Coordination of all Events

Celebrations are a very important part of any wedding or elopement. Besides, it is not by chance that we “celebrate” a ceremony! Most destination weddings involve several events: wedding dinners, post-wedding brunches, guided tours are just a few examples of the many activities we can plan and coordinate to make your experience unique and one-of-a-kind.

Guest Travel Management and Concierge Services

There are no words to describe the feeling of having all your family and friends attend your wedding in a far-flung dream destination. However, traveling and showing up to such a memorable event may give rise to many questions. Not to mention any requests on the day of the wedding. Dedicated to your guests and tailored to your needs, concierge services will ensure complete peace of mind from the moment your guests reach the destination to when they leave it.

Bridal Assistance

The day has come. You know everything has been planned and sorted to the detail, yet you can’t stop yourself from thinking that something unexpected might still happen. What if you get a small rip while wearing the dress? Your assistant will fix it. Or you realize you had forgotten about an errand that was on your agenda? Your assistant will do it. When we say that we will be by your side throughout, we mean it.

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Entertainment Sourcing and Management

Music is one of the “details” that everyone will remember more vividly than ever. From traditional music, to party bands to DJ sets, we will hire great performers and help you select the best music for the ceremony, drinks reception and after dinner party, as well as sourcing and managing a wide range of other shows and activities to entertain all guests, from the youngest of your family members to your friends.