Julia & Brian

Julia and Brian Modern Renaissance wedding in Florence

“Hinge was working on an early version of their dating app. At the time, people were generally fearful of meeting up with a stranger from the internet, and to balance out the male-to-female ratio on the app, they needed beta testers. I figured I was in college, so why not? But I had no intentions of actually meeting up with anyone. Brian was one of the first guys I saw on the app; he was a few years older than me and working in Finance. After a few weeks of chatting online, he said, “we have to meet up, or I don’t want to chat anymore.” I was about to graduate college, and my weekends were sacred, so we made a date for a Thursday night at The Backroom Bar, a speakeasy in the Lower East Side. We looked into each other’s eyes, and sparks started to fly…so much so that a photographer was there and snapped a photo of our first date!”

And some years later, in a sunny summer day, they tied the knot in Florence, in a Modern Renaissance wedding.


“During our romantic vacation in Tuscany, as we drove through the picturesque rolling hills, the sun rising and the fog lifting from the vineyards, Andrea Bocelli’s music enveloping us, we reached a moment of profound clarity. Our eyes met, and without words, we both understood: “You’re the one I want to share this life with forever.” It was a magical realization, and from that point on, we knew we had to return to that very spot in Italy, surrounded by love and clarity, to share this beautiful experience with our dearest friends and family”



Julia and Brian’s wedding embraced the theme of “A modern Renaissance,” mirroring the transformative artistic shifts that characterized the historical Renaissance period. Just as the Renaissance brought forth significant creative developments, our contemporary era, shaped by the impact of COVID-19, has allowed people to cultivate a deeper appreciation for travel, culture, and creativity. “As we considered our post-pandemic life, we envisioned our wedding infused with the vibrancy and innovation reminiscent of the Renaissance that emerged after the Black Plague.”


And when I asked “what recommendation can you give to other couples”, Julia answered: Get a wedding planner! I wouldn’t have been able to plan my wedding without a planner. both Brian and I are very busy with work in New York City. we loved each other but planning an event was not out forte. we are creative, but we are not planners. I wanted to leave that part for the pro’s.

I hope you love these story as much as we at White Emotion do!



Venue: Villa Gamberaia
Gown Designer: Reem Acra via Kleinfeld
Florist: Tuscany Flowers
Groom’s Clothing Designer: Todd Snyder
Shoe designer: Aquazzura
Hair and makeup Artist: Silvia Gerzeli
Photographer: David Bastianoni
Videographer: Varna Studios
Invitations: Handprinted
Weddings Caterer: Galateo


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