Kani & Ari

The getting ready: A Blind Tradition with Tequila Shot

A blindfolded tequila shot, a shared laugh—the same ritual they’d performed when they first met. It was more than a drink; it was destiny and the beginning of a day to remember.

The Prelude: A Blend of Cultures

As the golden hour painted the sky, guests gathered on the sun-kissed terrace. The air hummed with anticipation, a symphony of languages—English, Kurdish, and the universal language of love. Arie and Kane’s  heritage, woven into every note, promised a celebration like no other.

From the lush gardens, guests moved to the courtyard, where food stations awaited. Wheels of pecorino cheese beckoned, and bruschettas whispered tales of sun-ripened tomatoes. Street food —bold and unapologetic—mirrored the couple’s journey.

“Harmony at Villa le Fontanelle”

On a hill overlooking Florence, where the sun kisses the rolling hills and whispers secrets to the olive groves, Arie and her beloved Kani stood hand in hand. Their love story, a serendipitous dance across continents, had led them here—to a place where time slowed, and eternity seemed to stretch out before them.

Dinner: Two Courses, One Heart The Midnight Hour: Dancing Under the Stars

As twilight settled, the couple sat at the centre of the table.

As the clock struck ten, the courtyard transformed. Fairy lights danced, and the DJ spun melodies that bridged continents. And then, the surprise—the Kurdish music session. Drums beat, and hearts followed.

And so, under the Tuscan moon, Arie and Kani swayed  their love a timeless melody. The stars whispered secrets, and the olive trees stood witness. In that enchanted moment, they knew: Love transcends borders, and their story would echo through generations.

May their love be as enduring as the hills of Florence, and may their hearts forever dance to the rhythm of their shared journey.

People who know me well, is aware that I don’t like to praise myself. But I will cherish this message from Arie and Kani forever:

When they have been asked if they had any special advise to share with other couple, here is what they said:

The one and only advice you need is…take the time and do the research when finding your wedding planner!

It is the most important decision you will make during the whole process. It was the biggest blessing having

Alessia guide us through every step of the way! Especially if you’re a bride like me who never dreamt of even

having a wedding, by the end of the process she made me fall in love with weddings and I even asked her if I

could be her assistant! One of our favorite things about this wedding was meeting Alessia…not only did we

love her for her work but we love her…FOR HER! You hear a lot of stories of couples getting stressed during

the wedding planning etc, we felt none of this because it was like having fun with a friend! So choosing your

wedding planner really is the key element to relaxing and enjoying the entire experience, because it really does go so fast!


Venue: Villa le Fontanelle

Flower design: Agenzia Collateral beauty

Wedding gown: Berta

Groom’s Clothing Designer: Dolce & Gabbana

Catering/Restaurant: Galateo Ricevimenti

Shoe designer: Amina Muaddi

Jewelry/Rings designer: Cartier + bespoke design

Hair and makeup Artist: The Porfirio – Drilona Qevani

Photographer: Alessia Angelotti

Videographer (if applicable): Whites Film – Claudio Sichel


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