An Unparalleled Destination Wedding in Rome – Villa Aurelia

An Unparalleled Destination Wedding in Rome – Villa Aurelia

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Property of the American Academy in Rome since 1909, Villa Aurelia is a gem adorning the crest of the Janiculum Hill and a simply sublime venue for a grand (and panoramic) destination wedding in Rome!

Welcomed by a century-old purple wisteria coiling up the gate, guests are enveloped by the scent of lavender and Mediterranean herbs. Full of charm, white statues and terracotta urns alternate with green bay laurels.

The timeless atmosphere of the Italian Garden already makes Villa Aurelia a great venue for a destination wedding in Rome, but what if this stunning 17th century villa also featured a Lemon Garden? And a Secret Garden?

Pacing under the gallery of emerald leaves (amazing with a candle-lit decor!) all the way to the folly only restates just with how many backdrops this single venue will frame your day.

And if the outdoor spaces are already the promise of elegant romance, wait till you see the music hall, unique terraces and Sala Aurelia and…

Okay, one step at a time: in addition to the ground floor, the villa goes up three more levels.

The ground floor also features an awe-inspiring atrium, restrooms, an office, a storage room and a catering kitchen.

The mezzanine level includes an intimate suite, 4 stunning guest rooms and the Camera con vista (room with view), which serves as a common space for the guest rooms and, most importantly, leads to the best spot to take in the magic scenery of Rome.

Needless to say, space won’t be a problem for your destination wedding in the Eternal City – one single hall can host up to 200 guests! – but, just in case, the Piano Nobile (or ‘noble floor’) hosts a dining room, a music room and another hall, each surprisingly beautiful.

Does all that space mean you’ll have to share the venue with other events?

No! Whether you book the whole villa or just one room, no other events will be held on the day of your wedding and all areas will be open for guests who wish to explore the venue’s aristocratic luxury.
This also means rental fees will vary based on the space(s) you decide to rent.

The villa’s catering service is spot-on, and guests are sure to receive the utmost in delicious food, service, and personal attention.

However, you’re completely free to choose your favorite catering, musicians and florists to tailor and tune every single detail of your chic celebration – and, as a destination wedding planner in Rome, I can guarantee this is an advantage, both style- and budget-wise!

If you’re going to tie the knot in Rome with a catholic ceremony, Santa Sabina and Santa Prisca, two of the most beautiful churches in the area, are at a 15-minute drive from the villa.

In addition to helping you book the villa, White Emotion’s team of wedding planners in Rome will be by your side to plan, tweak and get sorted every single aspect to help you make Your Day forever unparalleled.

Your wedding destination will do the rest; after all…

“Italy has changed. But Rome is Rome.”
Robert De Niro


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