Considered somewhat “secondary” by many couples planning how to get married in Italy, entertainment can make the difference between a good reception and an outstanding reception.

We all agree that ceremony and vow exchange, with which the couple finally become husband and wife, are the most beautiful and important moments of the day: the ultimate purpose of anything organized for a wedding is to share the couple’s joy for their step and for the achievement it represents in order to celebrate the beginning of matrimonial life in the best way possible. All this is more than enough to make the day memorable, but if you too are wondering how to get married in Italy, here is a small suggestion to make your reception even more special.

There are no doubts that, when it comes to organization, entertainment is one of the most neglected aspects. Over the course of my career as a wedding planner in Italy and abroad, I have observed many nuptial receptions that, although successful, did not reach their full potential due to the lack of thorough planning of guest entertainment.

But before we delve into how to get married in Italy and ensure quality entertainment, what do I mean bt “entertainment”? This general term, refers to anything that has to do with music, shows or any other activity aimed at creating and maintaining an atmosphere of shared joy and a climate of general amusement throughout the wedding.

The point is we cannot take for granted that guests will fully enjoy celebrations. Of course they are happy for you, but let’s be objective: they spend a whole day with other, more or less familiar people and relatives whom they have not seen for the past (how many?) years, in an entirely new environment, after traveling all the way to the wedding venue. All these factors constitute potential barriers to their entertainment.

However, if we equip ourselves with a certain degree of sympathy and understanding, as well as with a good dose of memories from the weddings we participated in, and we try to prevent such issues, enjoying a concern-free day with relatives and friends will undoubtedly be easier and more satisfying for everyone.

Therefore, when you think of how to get married in Italy, think outside the box: forget the usual organization paradigm involving a quartet of arcs and a DJ for the party; a different – and winning – option is to take the reception to a musical climax. We are all perfectly aware of the influence that music has on the surrounding atmosphere, of how it accentuates emotions and becomes the perfect background for the dearest of memories. Why limit its magical effect to the end of the evening? If you make each moment unique by giving it the right background, the result will simply be superior. This way everything, from guest welcoming, to aperitif, to entertainment during breaks between dinner entrées, the day will escalate in a crescendo that will “explode” with celebrations after the cutting of the cake.

Get in the party mood from the very start! Choose something different from the usual jazz trio: ever considered engaging dancers to live up the band’s or DJ’s performance? And why not mix two or more of these options? In the end, what really matters is that you find your personal way to create the right atmosphere (and that is where we can help). Think about yourself and your guests, and keep in mind that in most cases a small original touch is enough to make the day and celebrations unforgettable.

Finally – I never get tired of repeating this – check out White Emotion’s blog for more tips and inspiration on how to get married in Italy and do let us know if you have any questions!