At White Emotion, we believe there is only one answer to how to plan a wedding in Italy: with style!

Planning means defining priorities, and bridal accessories come into play soon after location and décor. How could they not? After all, if love is all you need, details are what will make your day memorable… That’s why part of our guide to how to plan a wedding in Italy is about figuring out the right accessories.

Of course, finding the perfect dress is already quite a feat and many brides start looking for one exactly when they start to plan their wedding. For some, it will be love at first sight, others will take a little longer before they feel they have found the one dress that will take them to the altar to say their “I do”. So, tip number 1: trust your instinct – but do take your time!

The dress is but the first of the myriad of choices you will make and though it might be the protagonist, accessories are just as important! Shoes, veil, rings, earrings, necklace, bracelet, tiara, headpieces… Completing the whole picture can be complicated, and while each of us is perfectly aware of our personal tastes and of what makes us look great, some simple rules can make choosing what is best for us a lot easier.

With so many shapes and materials available for bridal veils, there are no doubts you will find one that suits your style. Short, long, American-style, with Swarovskis, laces and embroidery… Options to find – or create! – the perfect veil are simply unlimited. Besides, some brides choose not to wear one altogether. Indeed, the first rule is you should never feel obliged to wear anything! Accessories are all about making the bride shine but are definitely not what makes a bride!

The same goes for shoes: they don’t necessarily have to be tall white pumps; if you know you’re not particularly good or fond of walking around on high heels, just don’t wear them! Sure, we all agree they have the power to make you look slenderer and add an extra touch of femininity, but it’s your wedding: ask yourself whether you prefer spending the whole day clinging to your guests with sore feet on your mind, or have fun and enjoy celebrations. If you just can’t give up high heels, our advice is to find a pair of high-heel shoes you can wear at least throughout the ceremony and photoshoot, then opt for a comfier pair for the reception.

Regarding accessories such as the necklace, earrings and bracelets, we are great supporters of “less is more”. Of course, you should always follow your tastes, but to those who can’t decide we say: if you have already chosen a statement dress with many Swarovski, pearl or other precious details, adding other accessories might take away importance from the gown’s decorations. On the other hand, if you opted for a simpler dress, adding a touch of shine here and there, for example a choker and simple but very luminous earrings will certainly help! What about rings? You can wear your engagement ring, your first promise of mutual love, but for the rest, keep your hands free and ready for the wedding ring, which will be the true protagonist of the day.

As for hairdo, let your creativity run wild with embellishments composed of simple, luminous diamonds or pearls, flowers, tiaras… Just one suggestion: don’t exaggerate! Keep in mind that, technically, your hairdo should last the whole day and that every flower, tiara or other accessory requires care and might imply additional weight to bear. We therefore suggest you opt for accessories that are easy to remove without affecting the structure of your hair. This way, if any decorations become annoying when dancing and partying, you will not be concerned about taking them off.

Our last piece of advice regarding accessories is to carry a simple and understated mini-bag or purse that you can entrust to the best man or bridesmaid, with an emergency kit for last-minute touch-ups, your cell phone and anything else you think is absolutely essential.

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