As the COVID-19 pandemic forced all the wedding vendors (and not only) to lockdown, social distancing, postponing events, there have been a lot of local “live” activities going on.

Instagram live usage increased of 70%  April vs March; a psychologist says “it’s because people are not designed to isolated!”

During these months, we all engaged with business partners, celebrities, brides and grooms, venues to talk about weddings, to answer questions on topics were the concerns were super high.

I personally hosted many Instagram Lives with different partners, from international photographers, to venues, calligraphers, flower designer, dj, hotels, other wedding planners.

The result?

A new community: I met with wedding vendors I wouldn’t have met in other occasions who now follow me on every live, on IG, the reached out to me to ask for advises, opinions, suggested topics for other Lives and they all answer to the unique need of networking, of being able to share questions and ideas.

Here a few questions I answered during these 2 months Instagram Lives:

– My wedding is in the fall. Should we postpone to 2021?

– Our invitations already went out: how do we communicate the new date?

– How will this affect my wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses (purchasing, alterations, etc.)?

– I want a destination wedding in 2021: is it safe? Or shall I consider to to it at home?

– How will Destination Weddings be in 2021?

– Are weddings allowed in Italy now? Do we have to wear masks?

– If we plan a reception later when things are safe, how do we make it more than just a party?

– How can we possibly do a gift registry when our guests have already lost jobs and income?

  • How will chance the wedding planning after Covid?

Would you like to know how I answered to all these questions?

I will collect all the answers for who didn’t had the chance to follow my IG Lives, so I hope to help more brides and more wedding vendors to connect and use this time in the best possible way.

Keep up, postponed don’t cancel, we’ll celebrate more than before.