Wedding Trends 2019

Wedding Trends 2019

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From Neutral and Matte to Bold and Shiny, Get Inspired by The Floral and Color Scheme Wedding Trends in 2019!

Can you imagine a wedding without floral decorations? Flowers are a defining element to your bridal style. Vivid and vibrant flower cascades, lush greenery dotted with local blooms or single stems highlighted, floral decorations will definitely be one of the distinctive features that will make your day truly unique.

Of course, choosing the right color palette and arrangement to make your nuptials blossom involves more than the simple pairing up of two colors, and the patterns, nuances and design you choose will determine the vibe of the wedding.

To help you get inspired, here are the top wedding trends for 2019 that will help you find the best way to express your style in its full radiance.

  1. Bold, distinctive foliage in various tones and textures will draw guests’ eyes and give a wonderful sense of depth. Go organic and wild by recalling the earth’s elements and natural materials; it certainly works for a rustic wedding in the countryside – rural Tuscany is one of the best places to get married in Italy! However, myriads of leaves with different shapes and shades look equally striking when they cascade on the tall walls or grey and white steps of a castle.
  2. Nude is definitely a 2019 wedding trend. Champagne, ivory, milky-white and soft-blush tones will ensure a marvelous effect of effortless elegance and class, no matter the setting. The wide range of flowers available all year round makes these colors a winning choice in all seasons. What’s more, blush works with so many colors that it also makes a perfect background if you would like to pop some color here and there (how about the bridesmaids’ dresses?)
  3. Soft and dark shades together are the right choice to add an additional dash of color if a pastel-only palette feels too soft, but you don’t want your floral design to be too flamboyant. In this case, dark red cherry notes give the right touch for a more powerful, yet not too vibrant, décor.
  4. Deep colors are definitely another major wedding trend in 2019 regarding decoration. The contrast of dark, muted colors with lilac and sage green is sure to provide that unexpected twist to couples looking for something a little different, without running the risk of making the décor too flashy – and why not try mother of pearl accents?
  5. Go for gold (and purple, or green)! The warmth emanated by gold in finishes – brushed, distressed, glittered or shiny – is utterly impossible to ignore! Gold details are an amazing accent to the bride bouquet, foliage and centerpieces. Blend blush, smoky, purple and lilac shades with pastel green for an ethereal, enchanted setting!
  6. Vivid, saturated, bold flowers have the power to fascinate and add a sensational touch to large venues. Go for ruffled petals for texture and, if you want your favorite flower to stand out, choose a single, large bloom for the centerpieces and bouquet.

Finally, one last tip: whatever the style you will decide to give your event, remember that the shades you use should be a guide, not a rule – don’t be afraid to mix and play with shades!

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