Getting Married in Tuscany

“After hearing about what we were looking for, Alessia sent us information about our dream venue in Tuscany — knowing that it was exactly what we had been searching for but couldn’t find.”

Elyssa and Imen

There’s nothing like the rolling hills of Tuscany as a backdrop to your wedding ceremony — and the photos and memories you’ll cherish for years to come. Home to the renowned Medici family, Florence was once the cradle of the Renaissance. Today it remains one of Italy’s most enchanting cities.

Whether you choose to have your Italian wedding in Florence or amidst the city’s beautiful surroundings, White Emotion’s team of wedding planners is here to organize the Tuscan wedding of your dreams.

Outside the city, golden fields of sunflowers and neat rows of vineyards and cypresses adorn the breathtaking landscape — largely unchanged over the past five centuries. Do you imagine your wedding in a dreamy countryside villa, prestigious winery, or a hilltop village surrounded by 600-year-old walls? White Emotion Events can make it possible and so much more, whether you know what you want or you’re just starting to explore the possibility of a wedding in Italy.

Tuscany Wedding Venues
Historically, Florence is actually a cluster of urban villages, or “quartieri,” each with its own local identity. This is one of the reasons why, from Il Salvatino to Villa Cora and Villa Monteverdi, the city and its surroundings boast a long list of some of the most impressive wedding villas in Italy.

Most Tuscan weddings are celebrated between the two major cities, Florence and Siena, but among the tapestry of vineyards and truffle-rich woodlands, the region’s restored castles, unspoiled stone hamlets and grand estate villas create an ethereal and luxurious atmosphere mixed with rustic, old-world charm that makes getting married in Tuscany so very special.

Past White Emotion Weddings in Tuscany


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